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With the advent of technology, people have shifted their marketing campaigns from paper to WordPad. This is the era of mobile phones. Do you also want to match shoulders with others? Do you also want to bring a boost to your business? Obviously yes! Who does not want to skyrocket their business! It is important to have a Gmail account for your business. Are you searching for a reliable source from where you can Buy Gmail accounts? Well now you can buy Gmail accounts at cheap prices from us.

Why Should You Buy Gmail Accounts?

This is a very obvious question. Many people come to us with this question in their minds. Let us answer this for you. This is a free service then what is the need to buy them? Although google accounts are free, i.e you can create an account for free on gmail but gmail allows you to signup for only one account with one id. Now, the second thought that may come to your mind is to use multiple id’s. Yes, you can use that but Gmail requires phone verification to activate an account.

Only one account is registered on a particular number. That means you can use one number for only one account. With this you need to buy a new number everytime you make a new account on google to verify your identity. Does this seem feasible? Obviously not. It is a waste of time, energy and money as well. You can utilise your money by investing in buy Gmail accounts bulk. We offer Gmail account at the lowest prices in the market. Try us today!!

How do We Provide Gmail Accounts?

We are a marketing company with years of experience. We have a lot of pre verified accounts with us which we put up on sale, hence our Gmail accounts are authenticated by google. Each and every email account is created with cutting edge technology using a unique IP for every single email id. We will provide complete skeleton of every email accounts login credentials once the order gets complete.


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How to Order?

Process for purchasing accounts is very easy and simple here. Just select the package as per your business need and click on Place order button. After that make the payment. After receiving the payment we will release your order immediately.

  • Go to a Product Page
  • Select a package & click Order button
  • Fill up a simple form
  • Make Payment
  • Wait while we contact you back

Why to Buy Bulk Accounts ?

We are selling bulk accounts that can be used to full fill your business needs. These bulk accounts can be used as real accounts without any problem to face. They help in:

  • Online Marketing Solutions
  • Improve you social Media Rank
  • Boost up your SEO & Rankings
  • Market to Targeted Clients
  • Get Connected with Clients

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Client Testimonials

  • “He delivers accounts very fast and is cheap. He also sets the spam rule which automatically forwards all email from spam to the inbox automatically (higher success rate)”

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are PVA and Non PVA accounts?

Ans: PVA accounts are Phone verified Gmail accounts and Non PVA accounts are the simple accounts and not verified with the phone numbers.

Q. How can I Place order for the Gmail accounts in this website?

Ans: Process for purchasing accounts is very easy and simple here. Just select the package as per your business need and click on Place order button. After that make the payment. After receiving the payment we will release your order immediately.

Q. How much time will it take for delivering the accounts?

Ans: We will deliver accounts ASAP after we get the payment confirmation. In some cases it will take 48 hours, if accounts are not available in the stock.

Q. I have sent payment for Gmail accounts, but I didn’t receive accounts. What should I do?

Ans: If you didn’t receive accounts after 48 hours of the purchase, than you can contact us. We have refund policy. We will provide you accounts or will refund your amount.

Q. What if the accounts are not working properly?

Ans: We have replacement policy. Our technical team will check the issue and try to fix the issue otherwise we will replace your accounts with the new one. But remember we guarantee only 48 hours after the purchase only. After that we can do nothing.
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