The perception of your brand in the eyes of the consumers is what matters the most. Their opinions can affect your brand’s growth and image. Future prospects wish to read past customer reviews before deciding on the purchase. Customer reviews are of prime importance, and Google has incorporated these reviews as a part of the search ranking algorithm. The quality of reviews helps acquire new customers, creates a better brand value, and enhances the brand image. It is the primary reason why brands buy Google reviews to gain success.

Google reviews build your brand reputation and help achieve growth targets. These Google reviews help you get a higher rank in today’s time. So let us understand some simple tips to get more Google reviews.

The advantages of Google reviews for any brand

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A Google review serves as an effective tool to create better brand value. People leaving a positive Google review help you to attain your revenue goals. It is a must to focus on getting more Google reviews for your brand. This needs to be a primary agenda in your digital marketing strategy. Some reasons why Google reviews are essential are:

  1. More reviews means more leads

    Almost 75% of clients love to read online reviews before making a purchase decision. More Google reviews will enhance the brand image, attract more clients, and get better engagement.

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  2. More reviews mean more conversions

    Every customer reads Google reviews before making the final decision. As per research, people read at least 9-11 reviews before buying a product. Therefore, the more Google reviews, the higher the chances of conversions.

  3. More positive reviews mean better SERP rankings

    The search algorithm lets you enjoy a higher SERP ranking if your brand has more positive Google reviews. It is not about the quantity but the quality of Google reviews. Google reviews influence your SEO ranking, and the search algorithm considers factors like:

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    • Quantity of reviews.
    • The speed with which the brand receives reviews.
    • The sources of Google reviews.
  4. Higher reviews mean lesser costs

    Google does not charge to leave a review. Positive reviews enhance the brand value and serve as a free advertisement. Buying Google reviews lures the brands as Google is the most trusted place for product reviews.

  5. Create Brand Awareness

    SEO is a great way to enhance brand exposure. The more reviews, the more people start recognizing the brand. The brand remains on top of the mind. Google reviews are of great help as they improve brand awareness.

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  6. Get Customer Insights

    Google reviews help you in gathering insight into the feedback from the consumers. You’ll be able to make the desired improvements and enhance the online reputation of your brand by taking feedback positively and considering it as a chance to improve.

  7. Better Trust and Transparency

    More than 80% of people trust these reviews. You create loyalty and trust by responding to these reviews. It shows that the brand is transparent and the customer believes that you take their feedback seriously. It is a social proof that the brand is trustworthy. It leads to better conversions and returns.

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  8. Enhance Online Traffic to the webpage

    Google reviews let potential customers visit your page. It enhances the site’s traffic. They are a trusted resource that benefits SEO ranking.

How to get more Google reviews?

We understand the impact of Google reviews on ranking and brand reputation. There are some simple strategies and tips that can help get better Google Reviews:

How to get more Google reviews

  1. Understand the review process

    Posting a review may seem to be an easy process that is not very time-consuming, but writing a review must be done by following a few steps. The customer must write a review after opening Google Maps and searching for the brand.

    They then need to click on the brand’s Google-verified business profile. They need to scroll down the profile to reach the reviews page and then write a review. You may create a shortcut tab that leads the customers to the website’s review section. You must explain this process to the clients if you wish to get a better ranking and genuine reviews.

  2. Create a Google review shortcut link

    The process that needs to be followed to write a genuine review can be time consuming and tedious. The customer will have to go online, reach the review section, and scroll down to write a review finally. It is always a good idea to create a shortcut link for reviews and attach it to your website or social media pages. The Home tab will have a button to write the review.

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  4. Review shortcut needs to be small

    It is a must to create a review shortcut in the form of a push button on your website. Creating a hyperlink and using anchor text is also a good idea. You can also use free link shorteners to customize your review link. Present the shortcut link to the customers and get more Google reviews for your brand.

  5. Link between Google Reviews and your webpage

    It is most convenient for clients to post a review of their experience on your website. Your website is a one-stop solution and must have a call to action button that directs the customers to the reviews section. The call to action button must lead them to the Google Business Profile having the review section.

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  6. Create a separate Google review page

    The call to action button on your webpage is of great help. You can also have a dedicated page for Google reviews that the clients can access through the main home page. The page must be on the website to display the past reviews and create a dedicated space for writing new reviews. Past reviews instill confidence in the clients, and you get more leads and better conversions. It also encourages them to write a review.

    For example, you can post a screenshot of old reviews to enhance the aesthetics of your page. The reviews contain keywords, so they will also help potential users to find the products and enhance your SEO in a better way. You can create a predefined template to automatically enter the text and link these Google reviews to your webpage.

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  7. Google review CTA on the Footer

    As mentioned, you can have a separate Google reviews page on the website to enhance the number of reviews, but you may also include them as a footer to get more clicks. Placing them as footers will reduce the stress of deciding the placement of the call to action button.

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  8. Leave a review card

    There are numerous online options to get more Google reviews, but giving a review card is a great offline method to increase the number of Google reviews. Hand over physical cards and state that reviews are appreciated by you and that the customer must review your products by visiting the below-mentioned link. Give these review cards with the shopping bags or while they checkout from the counter on their way out.

  9. Go for in-person Google reviews

    Why not just ask and request for Google reviews? The best way is to ask directly for reviews. Take the help of your family, relatives, and friends to get more Google reviews. However, ask only from genuine clients who have used your products. Your interactions also provide an opportunity to ask for Google reviews. You must state that their views matter a lot, and you would appreciate it if they post a review for your brand.

  10. Explain the process of Google reviews

    You know that the process of writing a review is easy and simple, but you must communicate the same to your customers. They may be of the opinion that Google reviews are time-consuming and tedious. They may need help to be able to pen down what they wish to state in words. So explain that they can start by rating the business and tell them that they may even write a small sentence to encourage your business. You must be polite while requesting reviews.

  11. Create an email campaign

    Email marketing helps create some amazing email campaigns to enhance client engagement effectively. Emails get the most effective results, and you can quickly get more Google reviews. Create a presentation and send it out as mailers asking the clients to review your products. Your happy customers will receive your mailers and will willingly write a review. You will surely get more reviews through this mail marketing.

  12. Create surveys for more reviews

    The customers love it when their opinions are highly appreciated and valued. You can create a survey to be filled by your customers. These polls or surveys can enhance your Google rankings and increase long-term revenues.

  13. Use social media to the fullest

    Businesses use social media to promote their products online because it significantly influences purchasing decisions.

    According to research, customers are 75% more likely to purchase a product after being influenced by social media. Social media has led to a lot more research among the various brands online and then choosing the best-suited one as per the client’s needs. Social media platforms provide transparency. You can post the Google review shortcut link on your social media platforms and ask for more reviews.

  14. Involve partners and vendors

    Your vendors and partners understand your business in-depth. They interact and work with you regularly. They will help you with Google reviews and write a positive review that will attract a lot of leads in the future.

  15. Respond to the reviews

    Respond to a client’s negative or positive reviews to create a sense of transparency and trust. It shows that you value their feedback and encourage them to write reviews in the future. You must thank them for a positive review and must respond in time to the negative reviews politely. Try to resolve the issue and create belief in their mind.

  16. Use videos to explain Google reviews

    The customers may be confused in the steps of writing a review. A call to action button may not be self-explanatory. To simplify the process, create a small video that shows the steps to be followed to write a Google review. This is a marketing video that explains about your brand and then requests the clients to write a review by clicking on the link mentioned in the video.

  17. Include the link as an email signature

    A Google review link can be added as an email signature. It will instigate the clients to write a review and is a great way to communicate that their opinions matter a lot. Tell them that their feedback is always appreciated, and thank them for partnering with you. Request them to write a review by clicking on the link mentioned in the mail.

  18. Text the customers

    Over 33% of consumers receiving a text review invite tend to write a review. According to research, 40% of consumers prefer text messages to communicate. If you wish to increase Google reviews, then text is the key to success. Brands have jumped in Google rankings within 24 hours by using the text method.

  19. Train your employees

    Before you text or email a review invite, you can ask your employees to request a review in person. It is important to let the customers know why these reviews are essential for you, how they can write one, and how they will benefit from it. The employees need to be trained for the same.

  20. Follow up

    You need to follow up if a customer is not responding to the review invite. Send them a reminder through an automated system. Try to give them a call sometime to know if they are satisfied with the services and request them to review you on Google.

  21. Incentivize your employees

    Apart from training to ask for reviews, you can even incentivize your employees on the basis of the number of Google reviews they get for you. You may offer extra incentives if the client mentions their names.

  22. Share positive reviews

    You can print the positive reviews and highlight them in weekly meetings. You may even frame some and hang them in the customer area to make them visible to the public.

There are a few points that need to be kept in mind before you get Google reviews:

  1. Understand Google’s policies

    The Terms of Service of Google need to be followed when you wish to get more Google reviews. These policies cover the points and facts that you must not get any reviews by offering a lucrative reward and do not ask the customers to change a negative experience into a positive one.

  2. Business must be placed on Google maps

    It is a prerequisite to have the business listed on Google maps. Only then can you go in for Google reviews. Placement on Google maps makes it easier to leave reviews about your brand.

  3. You need to have a verified Google business profile

    You can create a business profile once you are placed on Google Maps. You need to generate a My Business account on Google and verify the ownership of your Business Profile using this business account. It provides a dashboard to manage the business Profile.

    All these are the prerequisites to getting better Google reviews and creating a good review strategy. They will help to manage the reviews and have an impactful marketing strategy to get more Google reviews. The Google review policies need to be understood well. All Google needs is, to be honest and simple. However, for Google reviews, some points need your attention:

    • You may request your customers for reviews, but never solicit the Google reviews in bulk.
    • Google review policies express that you cannot select just the positive reviews and let go of the negative ones.
    • Google forbids paying for reviews.
    • Google review policy will not allow reviewing your own brand. This is a conflict of interest.
    • Google checks for spam reviews and removes them from the site. It can even ban you for not adhering to Google policies.


It is a fact that reviews create a long-lasting impact on consumers. A client will trust the feedback given by others, and Google reviews provide a transparent recommendation. Therefore, you need to use these reviews to the optimum advantage. You must not hesitate to ask for Google reviews. The process must be made as easy as possible, and you will get more Google reviews in no time. It will increase the site’s ranking and your revenues. In summary, implementing these review strategies will help you get more Google reviews quickly and enhance your brand image immensely.


1. How do I boost Google reviews?
You can boost Google business reviews by making them a habit. Make sure to have a verified business profile. Update the process to the customers in an easy way; create a link in your website or include a review CTA in your website footer.

2. How can I enhance positive reviews?
Simple ways to enhance positive reviews are to have positive interactions on social media interactions, send personalized review cards, incentivize people to post a review, share the reviews on social media, create a contest or poll, and respond politely to negative reviews.

3. Can Google reviews be bought?
Buying Google reviews is against Google’s guidelines for businesses. It restricts you from offering incentives to get reviews and prohibits such content that conflicts with interest.