Yahoo! is one of the numerous recognizable and famous brands globally. However, it’s hard to believe that it has only been around for 20 years. Even today people buy yahoo accounts in bulk for their business marketing. Yahoo!’s recent struggles have caused many people to question whether or not this iconic brand still matters, but according to these statistics, Yahoo! is alive and kicking.

More than half of the web traffic on the internet is from Yahoo sites. And more people are using the Yahoo email service.

Impressive Stats that Show Yahoo is Still Relevant

  1. Third Most popular website in the US:

    According to recent reports, Yahoo is the third most visited website in the US. It is a testament to Yahoo’s staying power and ability to appeal to a wide range of users. With over 196 million unique visitors each month, it’s clear that Yahoo is still a significant player in the online world.

    Not only does it include one of the most significant search engines in the world, but it also hosts news articles and videos that are updated constantly. The site has been instrumental in providing information to people all over the globe since its inception back in 1994. It is even more popular than Google for some demographics like women aged 18-34 years old! With so many features on the site, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

  2. Extensive Mobile Audience:

    Yahoo has a large mobile audience. It is one of the numerous widespread social networking sites globally, and it’s not surprising that they have such an extensive mobile app. Last year, Yahoo had over 135 million monthly active users on their mobile app, and they’re only getting more popular as people find convenience with using their phones to stay connected. In 2012, they made their first significant foray into the world of Android development. Their goal is to be on every smartphone and tablet to stay relevant in this quickly changing digital age.

    Yahoo’s global monthly average of desktop traffic is about 1.5 billion, while its mobile traffic averages around 200 million per month. It means that more than 40% of Yahoo’s visitors are on the go and use their phones to access the web.

  3. Globally, more than 300 million active users on Yahoo Mail:

    In July 2013, Yahoo announced more than 300 million active user accounts on its email service, Yahoo Mail. It made it one of the most popular email services globally at the time. As a result, Yahoo has had to continually update its platform to keep up with changing technologies and user needs with so many users. Buy yahoo accounts also give beneficial in your business work.

  4. Yahoo gains popularity on other websites also:

    Yahoo also owns Tumblr, Flickr, and many other popular websites. In addition, it is a publicly-traded company that offers a broad range of services to clients and enterprises in the United States and internationally. As a result, Yahoo is uniquely positioned to reach many consumers online. So if you’re looking to promote your product or service, make sure to include Yahoo in your marketing strategy.

  5. Americans watched videos on Yahoo sites:

    Americans watched videos on Yahoo sites in 2013. Americans spent an average of 46 minutes a day watching videos on Yahoo sites, according to comScore’s report. The most-watched video was “Lion King,” which had over 70 million views, and the second most popular was “Gangnam Style.” This information can be helpful for advertisers because they know that people are spending more time watching their products.

    The average American watches 28 hours of videos per month, with Yahoo! being the top online video site watched by Americans.

  6. Yahoo in the count of top 50 Companies for diversity hiring:

    Diversity has become an essential topic in the workforce, and many companies are striving to create a more diverse environment. Recently, Yahoo was one of the top 50 companies for diversity hiring by Fairygodboss. This ranking is based on the number of women and minorities in leadership positions and the overall workforce. Yahoo is proud to be recognized for its commitment to diversity and looks forward to continuing this work in the future.

  7. Yahoo count is nearly as much as Google for social logins on specific sites:

    While we all know that Google is the most popular search engine, social logins may not be the case. According to a recent study by Janrain and Jumio, Yahoo’s count of users who use their social login on specific sites is nearly as much as Google’s.

    This trend has been seen steadily rising in popularity since 2013. The report cites Facebook Connect and LinkedIn Connect as the main drivers behind the increase in usage. With so many people using these two social networks, it makes sense that more people would choose them for their online accounts because they are already comfortable with how these platforms work and what information they can access through them.


Despite the many changes in the industry, Yahoo is still relevant to today’s generation. For example, according to Statista, “Yahoo is ranked 3rd most visited website in the United States with 346 million visitors per month.” At the same time, other factors make Yahoo relevant such as its email service and content distribution network.