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Perks of Amazon sellers accounts

Direct funds to your account

If you sell your products on by becoming a seller, you receive funds safely. These are directly deposited into your bank account within seven days. So even if the item was on Cash On Delivery, the amount reaches your account soon.

Ship your order quickly

When it comes to shipping Amazon orders, it is straightforward. You can choose Easy Ship or Fulfillment by Amazon to do that. And the website will take care of the rest. So, they’ll deliver the products and manage the returns if required.

Services for every need

Once you buy Amazon seller’s accounts, you can use them to sell products and for photography. People even sell account management and other third-party services and get paid for these services. So, you become a third-party expert seller.

Sell to customers worldwide

There are many benefits when you buy Amazon sellers’ accounts from Bulkye and sign up for Amazon global selling. First, it’s because you can reach customers in more than 200 countries. So, you can earn a lot and become a certified seller when your products benefit consumers.

Aged and new accounts

Bulkye offers aged and new accounts in its packages. You can choose yours. These are checked by sales history, account health, suspensions, used to sell, and type of fulfillment. Before sending these accounts to our clients, we ensure they have excellent feedback and good performance.

The new seller accounts are indeed not suspended when registered. It is guaranteed that they won’t have any utility bill requests in the future. Bulkye experienced Amazon asking for a utility bill in the beginning. Both for technical purposes and for selling products, you can use these accounts.

Why Buy Amazon Accounts?

Many people wish to sell their products on Amazon. But not all know how to create an account that is verified. On the other hand, some wish to skip the hassle of creating one or more Amazon accounts. It becomes even more difficult when you got an account suspended or banned on Amazon before.

For the first time sellers

It becomes challenging to create an active Amazon account with time. In 2021, the case is significantly different and complicated. So, one of the most efficient and tempting options is to buy Amazon accounts.

Buy Amazon Accounts

Even if you are experienced

Further, if you are an experienced Amazon seller, you may still require accounts. These accounts are online stores for you. If you wish to sell again on this platform and get banned earlier, purchasing accounts is a good idea. So, it’s not only that new sellers buy accounts.

Are you a pro? You still may require

Sometimes, pro sellers who wish to create multiple accounts to dissipate their business also buy aged Amazon accounts. At times, they create dozens of seller accounts or, better, buy them.

Buying Bulk Amazon Accounts

So, the risk gets leveraged, and you notice an increase in your Amazon sales revenue. But imagine your entire income and business based on just one Amazon store. Also, keep in mind that Amazon is strict (with rules and regulations), and there’s fierce competition from other niche sellers.

In this case, you may lose your one account quicker than you can imagine. So, buying multiple Amazon accounts is a wise choice. Bulkye has had clients who lost their entire family income because they had only one Amazon account banned.

Purchase at least two accounts

So, even if you’re buying Amazon accounts, it isn’t wise to purchase just one. At Bulkye, we offer packages of Amazon accounts so you can purchase them in bulk. It also keeps you on the safer side.

To avoid issues like the one above, we recommend you buy at least two separate accounts. But, again, it is for those who wish to earn seriously from Amazon and earn a good income. So, decide your category and make a purchase.

What does Bulkye include in its
Amazon seller account?

With each account you purchase from Bulkye, you receive a login and other information. So, while registering whatever information is used to create the account, everything is sent to you.

Instruction guide

Further, you also get a free PDF sheet. It consists of instructions on safely using your Amazon seller accounts. Therefore, you can maintain them easily after skimming through this online guide. Also, your accounts will come with all the necessary documents and files and a credit card attached.

Login information

You even get a one-time password (also known as 2F). It comes under login information. Also, the Amazon account will come with a credit card attached and all necessary files and documents, and 2FA (one-time-password) login information.

First month’s fee paid

The first month’s professional fee of any Amazon seller’s account is 39.99 dollars. But Bulkye already pays that for you. In other cases, we even include a Virtual Private Server or VPS. So, you can remotely log in to your Amazon account.

We offer fresh and new accounts that include a valid credit card, are ready to sell, and are fully verified. Phone and email addresses that are required for login are also provided. Best of all, you get a safe-use guide.

How much do Amazon sellers earn?

Most sellers on Amazon make around 1000 dollars per month after selling their goods. Some super sellers even make around 250,000 dollars each month, which is 3 million dollars annually!

Almost half of the Amazon sellers (nearly 44 percent) make 1000-25,000 dollars per month. So, their annual sales become 12000-300,000 dollars per year. Therefore, buying Amazon sellers accounts is a sure way to boost your income through this platform.

Benefits of choosing Bulkye


Easy order placement

Placing an order for Amazon seller accounts on Bulkye is more accessible than any other website. You only need to select a package that includes the Amazon accounts you wish to buy. Every package has its price along with it. Once you pick a pack, tap on BUY NOW. Make a quick payment and receive the Amazon accounts within 24 hours.

Flexible modes of payment

If you’re buying Amazon sellers’ accounts from Bulkye, we offer flexible payment modes. Regardless of how you can pay, we let our customers choose their mode. Bitcoin, Payoneer, Bank transfers, any other Cryptocurrency, and even credit cards are accepted.


A regular supply of accounts

Also, not a lot of sellers offer accounts regularly to customers. So, as clients of Bulkye, you can be entirely sure that we take care of your needs and your Amazon accounts. But what makes us different from other websites that sell LinkedIn, Amazon, and Gmail accounts.

Customer care 24/7

It’s because we strive for complete customer satisfaction. You can read our testimonials or contact those who’ve bought from Bulkye. Further, we never neglect the queries and issues of our buyers. Our customer support is offered 24/7.

Why Trust Bulkye

Why Trust Bulkye?

Bulkye has been in the industry of selling Amazon accounts and likewise for years. We have also dealt with innumerable customers from across the world. So, people from every continent have availed of our services and given feedback. So, we have been in this business for years now.

Cooperative assistance

If a client is in trouble related to bought Amazon seller accounts, we’re always here to assist. Our team is always polite and friendly. Also, since our experts understand how unfair and burdensome Amazon is sometimes, we help our customers. So, our people understand your concerns and pay complete attention.

No blame game

On the one hand, other sells blame the customers if any issue or error occurs. Instead, our team tries to focus on the solution rather than the problem. Bulkye ensures that we assist you without playing a blame game and regret the inconveniences caused.

Satisfactory and fair solutions

If our Amazon sellers account customers have any issues, we always try to solve it the fairest way out. But, of course, other sellers may take you through an illegal way. But Bulkye ensures the solution is satisfactory through the legal path.

Both sides get the best from our experts’ solutions. We always try to reach the fairest and most satisfactory solution for both sides. Bulkye highly recommends you read our customer testimonials from those who bought Amazon seller accounts from us. It will help you decide better before making a purchase.

Easy refunds and replacements

When you order Amazon sellers’ accounts from Bulkye, you can contact us for a refund within 48 hours. Although it’s rare, an account may not work well. In that case, we let you replace that Amazon account or receive a refund. However, ensure that you contact us at the earliest.


Buying Amazon sellers’ accounts is the best idea. It’s because there’s no point in creating a single account. When you purchase in bulk, there’s no risk of getting banned. Further, Bulkye offers the best customer service and authentic accounts. So, all our clients need to do is sell and make money!

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