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Features of Hotmail Accounts

Below given essential features that make their services well-curated and appreciable.
Fast Delivery

Quick Delivery

Imagine you order some food online and get the order after three days. You can’t starve until you get your food, and you might as well order from some other place that gives you instant service. Similarly, the software or company you will sign up with should provide quick services because your interests should be of the highest priority to them. For example, most agencies provide Hotmail accounts within a day, and some may take longer if you select a bulkye deal.

100% Verified Accounts

Account Verification

The accounts you would receive should be thoroughly phone verified with a nod from Hotmail itself. Buying fake bot accounts can put you on the blacklist of the Hotmail algorithm, and therefore, to be out of the danger radar, you need to ensure that the accounts you buy are curated, relevant, and will effectively help you to progress through your business.



Sometimes services cannot meet your expectations, so you may look to have a cash return. But, do all agencies provide a cashback? No, but you ought to look for sites that give a guaranteed cashback when you aren’t satisfied with their services. even if a 100% cashback is not guaranteed, you need to get at least 80% of your money back

Replacement Guaranteed

Replacement Guarantee

This feature is not very common in most policies, but if you find a site that gives a guaranteed replacement, you should think about securing a deal with them. This usually occurs when you order for one package and get another package instead. Giving quick replacements allows you freedom of business.

Regular Reports

Regular Reports

Reports give you daily input on the activities of these accounts that you have bought. Being one of the most prominent features that hold a strong presence, getting such a feature is not easy because not all sites would want to go out of the way and help you do a better progressive business.

24/7 Customer Care

24/7 Customer Care

Sometimes we need help to go about these services. Or you may also have several questions and queries that need to be solved effectively within a limited time. And around the clock, customer support is like a cherry on the cake. Therefore, when looking for the best reviews and features, make sure there are commendable reviews about the customer support team.

Buy Hotmail Accounts in Bulk

Hotmail is a networking site that has made a substantial impact on the life of millions of people, and even though it faces tremendous competition from other rivals in the business, it still has its hold and marks to be the most prominent networking site after Gmail.

Hotmail took a step in the market back in 1995, almost two and a half decades back, making it one of the oldest and the most vital web services in the market. Its services are not just restricted to emails, but it allows one to engage in services such as finances, news, sports, lifestyle, politics, and other search tools. While you may assume that Hotmail is just for emails, here is more to it: it offers an amalgamation of both old and new services that cater to thousands of sites. From communication to co-branding and mobile networking Hotmail, is all that you need for an easy life.

Hotmail is perhaps an excellent email portal that allows you to send and receive personal and business emails. However, apart from the general usage, this platform can be a bonus if you use it wisely.

Buy Hotmail Accounts in Bulk

Did you know you can buy Hotmail accounts to keep your business progressively high?

No matter how big or small your business is, buying Hotmail accounts will help you increase your performance quality and create brand awareness. Though most people perceive social media sites to be the only marketing and advertising tool, networking sites like Hotmail are an excellent advertising and marketing tool that allows you to search for content instantly.

One of the most prominent reasons people indulge in buying Hotmail accounts is that it does not allow its customers to generate bulk accounts on the same IP address. however, when you are in a business run, you ought to have multiple accounts to smoothen the marketing and advertising strategies. Though several software will help you access multiple accounts, buying old accounts in bulk can quickly help you run your business smoothly without going into the details of software installations and purchases.

Buying Hotmail Accounts

Is Buying Hotmail Accounts Worth the Effort?

Because Hotmail is the largest and the oldest networking site, it has over one billion daily users and over 220 million email servers online. Being the best in the market helps benefit your business, whether big or small, to attain a goal that you see for it.

Advantages of Buying Hotmail Accounts


Personalized email addresses

Hotmail allows its users to tune their email addresses as per their domain name and regard themselves to be professional to their connections, associates, and customers.


Safety Policy

With their built-in Norton virus scan, you have a 100% functionality control that will scan all the virus flooded emails that you will receive or scams that you should be away from. Due to this solid function, you don’t even have to download a separate antivirus for your system because Hotmail does it best for you.

Accessible communication

Hotmail does not ask for an extra messaging app a done can directly communicate via the chat function, which is integrated directly into the Hotmail application tool. Want to communicate something? You don’t have to install any messenger chat application but rather do it on the same domain.

Web-based application

Because Hotmail is a web-based application, you can directly access it digitally without needing to make some considerable allocation space for the email applications on your desktop or laptop. As most applications such as Microsoft require considerable space, allocating this space becomes difficult when you have slower systems.

1TB Free Storage

Compared to any other email service provider, Hotmail is the best in providing as much as 1TB free storage space. So when you work with Hotmail, there is no looking back on the amount of available storage because you have plenty of it.



Hotmail lets you generate and customize your website for your business purpose. All these features with meager rates help you improve your vision and work towards a better future.

Hotmail Features

other essential features that make Hotmail stand out in the crowd include the Hotmail calendar, which is connected to the emails and helps customers keep track of their upcoming events and deadlines. The notepad is another feature that offers easy access to note down or even copy-paste emails and other important texts. So here you can jot down but also make various folders that make easy access to everything.

How to Buy Hotmail Accounts Online?

There are three simple steps to fix a deal:

Step 1: login to bulkye

This is a website that will offer you Hotmail accounts in bulk or packages. You may have o do a background check on this agency because several predators in the market are looking for naive customers to sell fake and bot accounts at high rates. Therefore, check the site’s authenticity, reviews, and ratings which act as social proof for the credibility of that site.

Step 2: select the package of your choice

Not every business owner will need 500 Hotmail accounts at a time. As the priority of every business or company owner differs, so does their interests in services. There will be several packages, and some will have a high number of PVA email accounts while others will have minimum or moderate and so, you need to click on the package that will be most effective for you. Before you select any package, make sure to jot down your priorities and know what is required for your business.

Step 3: confirm the order

Your last step is to confirm the order by making an online transaction. As soon as your money gets transferred, your order will be confirmed, and the package will be provided to you within a few hours to days, depending on the packages and the policy of the agency you’ve signed up with. Some modes of online transactions include visa cards, debit cards, credit cards, master cards, American Express, Citibank, Chase, Capital One.

Some agencies also accept PerfectMoney, MoneyGram, Web Money, and Western Union Money Transfer, while others may be comfortable with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin($BTC), Ethereum($ETH), Tether($USDT), Bitcoin Cash($BCH), Litecoin($LTC).

Client Testimonials

Our business marketing team decided to choose this medium where we purchased Hotmail accounts for search engine marketing purposes, which has produced excellent results.


***** is a great site to purchase Hotmail accounts as you can ultimately decide on how many accounts you need, and you are charged accordingly.



The cheap and effective way to build an online presence for me was with the help of, and I received the order instantly.

Barbara Gallien



Here is are a few frequently asked questions that people always seek for an answer. So please read them and get your queries solved for the best experience.

Which is the best site to buy Hotmail accounts?

Though several reputed sites to seal a deal with, Bulkye is reviewed to be the best site for the same. Experts in the field have rated this agency and given good feedback on their processing and services. Therefore, it would be best to collaborate with them and make the best use of it.

Where can I buy Hotmail accounts?

Though several good sites provide you with Hotmail services online, “Bulkye” is the best in the market. They are leading in the competition and provide services accessible at affordable rates. Unfortunately, most sites indulge in providing temporary accounts which disappear after some time. These are mostly fake or bot accounts that will serve your no-good business purpose. Bulkye, however, is a company that has been in the field for decades and will help make an impact on your business.

Is there a refund policy?

If the site policy mentions the refunds, then you can do give it a try. However, do not indulge in buying accounts that you feel are just for test and would not want to continue with the services later. Even though the company promises you to return, ensure you have it written to document it as proof.

Would you replace the Hotmail accounts you purchased?

Bulkye gives you an option for customization and exchange offers, provided you avail of the services and are entitled to get the exchange. Therefore, Bulkye is the best and the safest site to make a purchase.

Are these USA verified Hotmail accounts?

Yes, the Hotmail accounts provided by Bulkye are all verified by Hotmail, and you do not have to worry about their authenticity because they are 100% original.

In which countries can I buy Hotmail accounts in bulk?

One can buy Hotmail accounts from any country that has active Hotmail users. However, the top 50 countries include:

United States, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Norway, Qatar, Monaco, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, Brunei, Kuwait, India, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, San Marino, Malaysia, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czechia, Israel, Cyprus, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Malta, France, United Kingdom, Oman, Finland, Belgium, Canada, Andorra, Bahrain, Denmark, Austria, and Australia.

Can I make multiple purchases?

Absolutely yes. Buying Hotmail accounts is not restricted to one-time purchases, and you can make multiple purchases as and when you need. However, advice is to always begin with smaller numbers and then gradually go for more significant numbers. This will help you stay away from the radar of the Hotmail algorithm, and your accounts will be perceived to be organic ones.

Can I change the recovery phone number?

Bulkye gives its users all the flexibility to make changes. Something unique to them. Not all agencies provide you with such a service, so what are you waiting for?

How do I buy a Hotmail address?

Buying a Hotmail address is a simple process. Just the way you buy Hotmail accounts, you can make Hotmail address purchases. To learn more about this process, browse through bulkye and get your queries solved.

Do these have a perfect captcha score?

Yes, of course. Having a good captcha score is always required, and the accounts that bulkye provides too have a very decent captcha score. Do not believe? Browse through bulkye and get to know them deeper for your satisfaction.

How would I get the product?

As soon as you make a transaction, your order gets confirmed, and it sends a notification to the agency that your package is up for delivery. The team does thorough research on the type of accounts that will be helpful for your business, verifies them, and provides it to you within the specified time.

Are these USA-approved Hotmail accounts?

Yes, all the accounts provided to you are USA-based and are verified USA Hotmail accounts to keep your niche-specific. However, if you want to customize accounts to help you with a particular region or target group, you can always give a specification, and it will be fulfilled for you.

Is it legal to buy Hotmail accounts?

If it weren’t legal, then Google wouldn’t ever mention this article on its stream. Buying Hotmail accounts is as easy as buying groceries online. Most sites have a customer-friendly approach and allow you to make quick transactions. Do not worry about the legalities if you sign up with Bulkye, as their legal team takes care of all the details.

What is the quality of the accounts received?

Bulkye is one of the main sites that ensure they provide the best packages with after-purchase support. Their team of professionals are from various fields and understand the actual working of the industry. With the best reviews on their site, entrap your trust in them and make the best of your marketing strategy.

Is it possible to get some test accounts before buying them?

If you sign up with a site that offers test accounts, make sure to ask the details, including the price for the exact and other details that you need to know. One piece of advice is to buy test accounts and then do another test with a few accounts to check if there is similar progress in the test and the actual accounts.

Why should you select Bulkye?

One of the most compelling reasons to select Bulkye is its exchange and refund policy. However, other sites would not allow you for an exchange, and you can permanently be unhappy if the exchange is not made. So what is the best solution? First, sign up for an agency such as a site name that will make easy changes to your deals and provide the best service available in the market.

What are the payment options?

Most online transactions include visa cards, debit cards, credit cards, master cards, American Express, Citibank, Chase, Capital One. In addition, some agencies also accept Perfect Money, MoneyGram, Web Money, and Western Union Money Transfer, while others will also accept Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin($BTC), Ethereum($ETH), Tether($USDT), Bitcoin Cash($BCH), Litecoin($LTC).

How much time does it take for the accounts to be added?

Most sites take around 24 hours to transfer the accounts and complete the purchase. However, this factor also depends on the type of package that you have purchased. A smaller package will be delivered quickly compared to a larger package with a high number of accounts. Whatever the deal is, the timing and duration of delivery should be mentioned to you.

Are these made on a unique IP address?

Yes, all these accounts have a unique and original IP address. Hotmail does not allow multiple accounts from one IP address. Hence, there is no chance that you may be in trouble for having multiple accounts. However, ensure to discuss these details with the agency you will sign up with.

What is the delivery time?

With Bulkye, the delivery is within a few hours. They can take a maximum of a day for delivery of it’s a big order but nothing beyond it. They stay true to their word, and services will be delivered at the given time with ease.

Which email provider has more minor problems?

Hotmail and Google are by far the best email service provides that have been accredited by the best business companies in the world, a reason why these two old companies are still in the race and have not been washed away with the pressure.

What are the Buying Options?

There are several packages available. All you got to do is check which one you need. Say you are a beginner, then the best for you would be a small number like 50. This will allow you to understand if you need more accounts to handle your marketing strategies or are good with the same. Making multiple package purchases is also an option available for you.

What is the difference between fresh and aged accounts?

Aged accounts are the ones that are not in use for a long time. They had been created for over five years and are not in regular use by the creators. These accounts will also have older system versions, while the new accounts are the ones that are actively used and have upgraded or updated versions that make browsing busy. When asked which accounts does Bulkye provides, then it is always going to be the fresh accounts.

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