TripAdvisor is one of the most trusted places for their travel query. It is a place where people mention, based on their experience, whether the journey is good or bad. This is beneficial for both hotel owners and a person planning to visit a new place. TripAdvisor has become a place where people mention their likes and dislikes and other grievances concerning their trip.

TripAdvisor is a successful business and has become a customer source for figuring out their travel plans. TripAdvisor constantly keeps updating information of travel made up of a unique place and has become a home for finding some of the best destination places for people and travelers for their much deserved holiday.

TripAdvisor is an Amazon service for people. A bad review of service and hotel can damage a business’s reputation. A research study that Yelp conducted, a good review on TripAdvisor can enhance your business revenue by 5-9%. TripAdvisor has allowed the customer to express their thoughts, and the website deals with no false comments and reviews from spam. They are immediately takedown in this course of time. Sometimes even a good review gets taken down by TripAdvisor, and that’s a fair expectation.

As a part of being in the travel industry, one must be completely aware of the importance of reputation management. As a part of the business plan of managing their online reputation, many businesses in the Travel industry decide to buy TripAdvisor reviews that are real and authentic. Reviews are capable of driving major decisions of consumers. More than 92.4% of consumers choose to look for reviews before making any decision, irrespective of the industry. Therefore, choosing to buy TripAdvisor reviews will benefit your business not only in terms of reputation but also in terms of revenue.

Easy Ways to Get TripAdvisor Reviews

  1. Ask for reviews from past guests and current visitors while leaving:

    One of the best ways you can get TripAdvisor reviews for your hotel or any other business is to ask your past guest if they could leave a review for your business on TripAdvisor. You can do this via email and invite them to write a review on the different expectations of your business. You can directly add links to TripAdvisor, your hotel’s Facebook, and the map page in the email and ask them to use it.

    This will also bring in some convenience to your guest as they won’t have to keep searching for websites. Though, you should avoid sending mass mail to all your past guests at one, as this will only create clutter. Sending the email at a distributed time will allow your business to have reviewed over a wide spectrum of time.

    If there is any activity of mass review, TripAdvisor can block your account for malpractice. So to avoid this, it is better to properly plan and set up an email routine or launch an email campaign that you could use every week and ask your guest to leave a review on TripAdvisor and other apps that will make this an easy task for your guest for doing reviews easily and more chances of getting higher and quality review.

  2. Using TripAdvisor review express for TripAdvisor:

    Review express is a built-in feature of each new TripAdvisor listing. Using these features allows you to send emails to your guests requesting them to leave a review on your page on TripAdvisor. This is also a good way one can use for business branding. Though, it’s a lot of work at the end of the management aspect as you might have to choose a preferred review language and list down all email addresses on a spreadsheet.

    There are many ways one can collect the email address of customers, and irrespective of how you choose to do it, it’s on you to make sure you disclose the reason for collecting the email ids of the customer. It is one good business practice and an effective way to build people’s trust for your brand. There are many ways that this feature of TripAdvisor can be beneficial for you and help you gain more reviews on TripAdvisor. This is another useful strategy that you can use for your travel business.

  3. Send an email requesting reviews:

    You can optimize email and personalize your email to send it to your clients. This is one of the most productive and efficient ways of handling email for many larger hotels. It is one of the best ways of asking your clients to share their reviews and opinions about your hotel. You can make a list of all your past clients beginning from the oldest to the latest and assort them with their email ids and make a campaign where you can segregate a specific number of guests you would choose to select to send emails. If the number of emails you are sending is short, you can create an effective personalized email and ask every client to leave a review.

    Email outreach is a successful way of connecting with customers and a great stage for encouraging them to leave a review on TripAdvisor. Acknowledgment is the key. Make sure to acknowledge the guest through your email and make the message feel more personal to the client. Many of the time, even with the best email templates, the amount of emails that were opened and responded to is lacking because the body of mail may not feel personal. Mention your intentions clearly and write the steps on how they can choose to write reviews on TripAdvisor.

  4. Sending SMS via messenger or on WhatsApp for asking reviews in TripAdvisor:

    Smartphones are one of those devices that can be used by anyone and are within reach of the customer, and you can effectively use this to gain reviews on TripAdvisor. Many registrations require your client to submit their phone numbers which might be stored in their database, and you can use this to create awareness among your guests to leave a review on your page on TripAdvisor. Make this activity as easy as it could be. The easier the process will be, the more interested the client will be in leaving a review. Make sure your message should be polite and not cold. Start your message by acknowledging the client for working with you. And ask them if they could do a favor and leave a review for your business on TripAdvisor. And give them your gratitude. As mentioned earlier, the fewer steps involved in writing reviews, the more reviews you can gain.

  5. Use reminder cards:

    Reminder cards are a great way of reaching customers and building a brand. A good reminder card includes your business location, a contact number, and your working hours. These are the information most required by guests or clients in travel agencies as it will be with them for a long time and can be used as a reference for future travel. You can use these reminder cards for getting reviews on TripAdvisor and remind your clients of reviews. However, there are certain measures you might need to take, which include making your reminder card which you can easily make and getting 100 cards for free. For doing so, under the marketing tool in the management center of TripAdvisor, choose a promotional tool. Under the business tool, choose business cards. If you don’t want to choose or make business cards on TripAdvisor, you can use any other website like canva to make and then print them according to your convenience. Distribute these cards at the end of the client’s visit and ask them to give a few minutes and give a review for your business on TripAdvisor.

  6. Promote your space on TripAdvisor:

    TripAdvisor has become popular and has become one of the major platforms for people to plan their trips. One thing you can do is to promote your space on the Platform through different ways, including uploading recent pictures of your hotel on the Platform and other sites; this allows customers old and new to get a clear view of what they are paying for. Click pictures of your rooms and activities and other sightseeing pictures of your hotel on TripAdvisor. Another thing you can do is invest in SEO, as this will help your business to be more visible on the Platform. Another thing one can do is create a virtual tour of your hotel, as this is another approved method of attracting new and making people leave reviews on your Platform. You can also use other promotional activities, including making advertisements on paper and other digital platforms like Spotify. Using these promotional tricks will also help people know that your business has a TripAdvisor page. You can also link these websites to your other accounts and help clients easily write reviews for your business.

  7. Responding to reviews:

    Responding to online reviews helps maintain your business’s online reputation. Acknowledging the customer’s point can open doors for further discussion. More than 86% of the buyers, before buying or making any purchase decision, believe to read online reviews for any small purchase. Responding to reviews on TripAdvisor has improved many businesses’ ratings on the Platform. More than a 12% increment has been noticed in the reviews received by restaurants and hotels that have responded to their previous reviews. In the case of positive reviews, it’s quite simple and easy to respond to them. Now when it comes to online reviews, there is a good possibility that you might encounter a review that might be bad or talk negatively about your business and how you should manage it. Defusing the situation plays an important role. One way to reply to these sorts of responses would be to apologize for your bad service and assure them that you would pay attention to your mistakes and correct them.

    Also, make sure to thank the customer for raising the issue and bringing it to your and the management’s notice. Make sure to use a polite tone and address the person writing the review with their name. If possible, you could offer some discount for their next business with your brand and then give them their feedback. These simple ways will help your business to acquire more TripAdvisor reviews TripAdvisor.

  8. Using TripAdvisor stickers:

    There are many stickers available on the TripAdvisor website. You can specifically use a sticker that says “review us on TripAdvisor” and others like these. You use these stickers, and you will have to use certain steps which will allow you to buy or use these stickers. Visit the website of TripAdvisor and find your business name in the search bar. A pop-up of different stickers is available, which will be listed below. Choose a sticker that suits your business the best and select the language you want the message to be written in. Once you have done as mentioned above. These stickers you have made on the TripAdvisor website are free, but you may have to wait some time till they get delivered to your doorstep and may sometimes take up to 6 weeks. If you find this feature has been suspended due to a pandemic, then one can use other free laterals where you can easily make these stickers for digital branding. Use these stickers as a way to reach out to more people to get them to review your business on TripAdvisor.

  9. Using Review widgets for TripAdvisor:

    TripAdvisor offers a huge advantage of free widgets that one can use for your website, which can help boost your conversions. These are effective prompts you could use for your business and make other customers write reviews. Reviews are an important part of business online reputation management. As times change, a review has become a trusted source of people’s opinions and decision-making process. Both good and bad reviews help to create an image of your business among the target audience and change people’s perception of your brand. A good number of positive reviews make people believe in your business and the service provided by your business. Using other professionally available widgets will help your business bloom and build brand credibility, which is also important as having a business is just not enough. If you want to make your business more prominent in a given industry, you will have to attract a certain audience and influence them. Your brand influence must be able to build customer loyalty for your business. This will also help improve your visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These all factors play an important role.

  10. Make use of various social media to get more reviews:

    Digital platforms like social media apps which Include Instagram, Facebook, maps, youtube, and LinkedIn. These platforms are great mediums that help you reach your target audience. Make it effective that you use this Platform wisely and manage them according to your brand image and target audience. See what your audience likes and keep frequently uploading, invite guest uploads and pictures taken by guests and tag them. You can use these platforms in many creative ways. Social media platforms are a great way to build trust and engage with your audience. Another way you can encourage the followers you have on these social media platforms is to leave reviews on the TripAdvisor website. You could also link various platforms that help and maintain your business reputation through these platforms. The engagement brought by the social media platforms is insane and a good and strategic way to improve your business. To build your brand trust, loyalty, and awareness among the masses, these play an important role and show how much you are willing to go beyond and make people engage on these platforms and other websites.

Why are TripAdvisor Reviews So Important?

  1. People trust people:

    Consumers trust consumers, and they will believe what other consumers say about a product. Modern studies have shown that people and travelers tend to believe more in reviews left behind on your website. Everyone is aware of the different advertising techniques which are being used to Market or showcase a brand or product. So people tend to believe more in real experience than in an advertisement. People may have both good and bad opinions. How other travelers portray their journey impacts a business and consumers’ decision-making process. So TripAdvisor reviews play an important role.

  2. Helps you survive competition:

    Having a good quantity of reviews of your hotels, the higher your rankings will be on TripAdvisor. Ranking on TripAdvisor plays a crucial role as it has the potential for reaching out to clients from all around the world and guests who find you and your hotel. This should be another reason you should consider encouraging your customers and clients to leave a review on TripAdvisor. It will prove advantageous for you and your business to blossom and achieve higher rankings, which will help you improve your hotel’s visibility on the TripAdvisor website.

  3. Responding to reviews:

    A negative review will always weigh out the positive one. Even though there are many positive reviews, one bad review can cause confusion in the mind of the customer. Handling or knowing how to reply to these reviews play an important role. We have seen earlier how responding to a review is important. How it impacts your business, it is unlike to have any negative review, even in case your business has a few bad reviews, do not hesitate to consult the person and know more about the problem, but if you feel you could respond. The changes are done, let the customer know, and apologies for your business.

  4. Maintain and build reputation:

    It takes years and years to build your business reputation. In the travel industry, it’s nothing much easier. The way you promote your personal space on the TripAdvisor website plays an important role as you have to put work into content and other amenities that help build your business’s reputation. TripAdvisor reviews play a major role in your business reviews and reputation management. An individual false review or information can cause monetary as well as the image of your business is disturbed in the public’s eyes.

  5. It’s a free marketing tool:

    If you are in the travel industry, a trip advisor should be one of the major areas your business marketing strategists must focus on more. It has the potential to improve your online business presence and create strong and undestroyable business awareness. The reviews which are posted online will be online forever. There is no going back. This will help your business grow further and reach more and more audiences in the coming time, where the internet is becoming a place for people to invest their trust in.


To conclude this article, there are certain key points which you should understand and make sure why and know the purpose of your hotel is on the Platform. In addition, there are many mentioned in the article that will help you build your Review on TripAdvisor and help build a positive image for your brand, which will help your future travelers be attracted to your business. Remember, A traveler will trust other travelers, and their review will help them in the decision-making process, and having good reviews are very important.

TripAdvisor is a largely trusted and reliable source for people to gain information about their travel. It acts as a teaser for the adventure as there are people who have willingly uploaded reviews about the things they liked on the trip and what they did not like. All of this influences the human decision-making process. Hence, businesses in the Travel industry must make a point to maintain a good relationship on the Platform and make complete use of it. TripAdvisor rankings, reviews, and all other factors play an important role in the business’s online reputation and creating awareness among the audience.