Hotmail and Gmail are email services active in the email world for many years and are used worldwide. Hotmail has around 400 million users, Gmail has more than 1.5 billion users. Many people buy Hotmail accounts, and Gmail accounts to boost their online presence. Business owners who have been in this field for many years must be having Hotmail accounts as it is the oldest one.

But now, for most people, Gmail is the first option due to its top-notch security, clean interface, professional plans, and many other features. It doesn’t mean that Hotmail users are fewer or have lost their popularity. Despite being the oldest email service provider, Hotmail is still prominent in this email world.

Gmail is a free email service owned by Google. The service is free, and ads that display in your inbox support the cost of running Gmail. In addition, Gmail users have access to Google docs, slides sheets, and calendars. It also allows them to use other Google applications such as Maps, Photos, YouTube, etc. While Hotmail is one of the world’s first email services, it is called Outlook now. It is provided by the Microsoft corporation and offers many unique features.

Hotmail vs. Gmail

Let us compare both platforms based on certain features and criteria.

  1. Interface:

    You can access Gmail as webmail within your browser, but you can also access it on desktop using third-party apps. You will also find Android and IOS apps for Gmail. Gmail uses labels and filters to organize the emails in your inbox. You will see that the search bar has an email button, and labeled emails can be seen within the interface.

    While for Hotmail, you will see a top bar called Ribbon, in which you will find different options. Different Ribbons are there for different views of Hotmail, including Contacts, Calendars, Mail, Notes, and Tasks. You can access Hotmail through a browser or on desktop and mobile applications for Android and IOS. The conclusion is that Gmail’s interface is more streamlined, but you won’t find as many features as Hotmail’s interface.

  2. Storage:

    Gmail users can upload files in Google Drive and share them through Gmail. Gmail has a storage capacity of 15 GB for both Gmail and Google drive. In short, there is a limit to Gmail storage. And once it gets full, you will have to clear up storage to make space for receiving the new emails. But in the case of Hotmail, it gives you 5 GB of storage which gradually expands according to your needs. It means that there is no storage limit in Hotmail accounts.

  3. Security:

    Gmail server is protected by network-level encryption, which means that your emails are protected within Google’s network or while they are transferring from sender to recipient. But if your email leaves the Google network, that means it is no longer protected.

    If we talk about Hotmail, it is one of the most secure emailing services globally. Though it does not offer end-to-end email encryption, Microsoft’s service is highly secure. There is an option available on Hotmail to encrypt emails, but the user will have to select the option before sending any mail.

  4. Features:

    Hotmail has many unique features, such as it allowing you to automatically manage emails you receive and customizable email templates and features to delete duplicate messages automatically. Hotmail has a separate Archive folder, unlike Gmail. Though there is an Archive folder in Gmail, they move to All mail when emails are archived, confusing some users. Gmail does not have many features like Hotmail due to app integrations.

When should you opt for Gmail?

Gmail is a good choice for most startups and businesses due to its modern and user-friendly interface. It provides robust collaboration tools and freedom of month-to-month plants, ideal for modern business. It also has translation capabilities, a plus point for international business, making it easier to send and receive emails in multiple languages. Gmail is best for business that requires a commitment-free email host with top-notch collaboration tools and productivity.

When should you opt for Hotmail?

Suppose you own a large company that requires productivity apps and administrative tools. In that case, you must opt for Hotmail because it will offer you all your requirements, such as the ability to manage other users’ inboxes easily and calendars, book appointments and meeting rooms, etc. Moreover, as it has many years of experience, its familiar interface will help you raise your business-standard.


Both Gmail and Hotmail rank in the world’s top email apps for good reasons. But if you wish to boost your business through email marketing, you will need to choose according to the requirements. For small businesses, Gmail is the best choice in the case of business email, but if you require industry-leading productivity and collaboration tools to help you, you can choose Hotmail.

Both the email services have their unique features and a few drawbacks. And both of them work best for different use cases. So if you want a streamlined email experience with a clean interface, then go for Gmail, and if you want feature-rich email clients and more options, then Hotmail is the right choice for you.