Review sites have underlying importance as e-commerce grows in size. These sites are no longer restricted to just restaurants or consumer durables. They are now responsible for the image building of the service sector too. They influence the consumers’ decisions and play a huge role in image building. Almost 90% of consumers get influenced by the local reviews and then make a purchase decision. The review sites play a crucial role in this consumer-driven economy.

How Do These Review Sites Affect the Business?

The reviews highly influence the purchase decisions of the consumers. A negative review will convince them not to go ahead with the purchase. In addition, negative reviews will make the customers question the business’s quality.

To a great surprise, almost 80% of consumers trust online reviews, which is an almost equal amount of trust for recommendations from family and friends. Thus, online review sites play a significant role in the influence. These reviews spread like fire and prove to be a great marketing tool.

However, a harmful customer review posted on the review site can negatively impact the business. On the other hand, a positive review is like proof that the business caters to the needs of its clients. It helps build a trusted relationship with the audience and enhances its reputation.

The best strategies to gain positive reviews on review sites and deal with customer reviews are:

  1. Close monitoring of the review sites:

    The first step is to know about the various review sites relevant to your business needs. Some big names in this list include Google reviews, Amazon Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Yellow pages, etc. It depends on the industry or segment you deal with and the niche you wish to cater to. You need to keep in mind these factors and then decide on the relevant review sites you wish to follow. After finalizing the sites, you need to monitor the brand’s reviews on these sites.

  2. Convert negative reviews to pleasant ones:

    Handling negative customer reviews is a challenging task and needs a lot of patience and skill. Negative reviews highly impact client opinion. You need to assure a genuine reply, take these reviews as genuine feedback, and work upon them to improve the experience. Replying politely gives hope to new clients that you take good care of client issues.

  3. Work hard for positive reviews:

    A business needs to be diligent and persistent enough to get positive reviews. You must consistently work hard to give a great experience to all your customers. A happy customer is the most effective way to market your products. In addition, it will help you get a good rating on the review site.

  4. Never go for fake reviews:

    It is the last thing to do. You must never indulge with review sites that give fake reviews. You may be fined for this, as it is a simple breach of the terms and conditions. Furthermore, it will deplete your ratings and portray a bad image of the prospective clients.

    If any customer comes across a fake review written in a general format, it can prove to be an instant turn-off for them. But, ultimately, your business will get impacted in the long run.

  5. Buy genuine reviews:

    It has been the latest trend to buy Amazon reviews or to buy Google reviews. These reviews allow your business to show an accurate picture to potential customers. People go online and write their opinions about the brand without the hassle of downloading any app. These reviews create a marketing hype, and the business does not need to indulge in any expensive marketing campaigns.

Google Business or Amazon reviews help to enhance a client’s trust in the brand. Transparency is what consumers demand. These sites are transparent and accessible to all. Before buying products or services, anyone can research a business on these review sites. Almost 85% of customers read reviews before purchase to ascertain the quality of a business. A significant part of this research is done through Amazon or Google reviews.

Google reviews immensely impact the Google local search and help to enhance the SEO. It helps the business to be searched more quickly and efficiently than using just the age-old SEO activities like blogging or keyword search. Google reviews can stimulate the main areas of any business. It can enhance the local SEO, brand trust and get positive feedback. You must start using Google reviews to take advantage over your competitors.

Similar is the case with Amazon reviews. With millions of sellers selling their products on Amazon, it is always challenging to get noticed in the crowd. However, buying Amazon reviews can give your brand the desired kick-start. Buy Amazon reviews or buy Google reviews that are verified to enhance the brand’s credibility and popularity. Never go for non-trusted sites to buy these reviews.


Good reviews are what will attract customers, gain your trust as a seller, reduce competition, and convince consumers to purchase your product. So buy genuine Amazon or Google reviews to get an initial kick-start and always be true to your consumers.