Irrespective of the size of your brand; Email is an inherent part of all the communication needs when you’re running an organization. You need to have a business email ID. And if you are in the field, running a small business or a start-up, you are hesitant in spending a lot of money getting a business email address. You always cut down on the costs and opt to buy Gmail accounts, buy yahoo accounts, or buy Hotmail accounts. So getting a free Gmail business email Id can be of great help.

Gmail is the most commonly used free email service provided by Google. The mails are easily accessed free of cost using any third-party program that can be synchronized to Gmail using the IMAP or POP protocols. Almost everyone has a Gmail account. It is a widely used email site and has gained widespread importance in online marketing plans.

Gmail is one of the most trusted websites for business, and so at times, people get lured into buying verified Gmail accounts. Digital communication using Gmail has become an inevitable part of any business, and what better than getting a business Gmail account for free.

How to Create Free Email Addresses for Business With Gmail?

Creating free Email addresses for businesses with Gmail may not be an easy task to do. But by displaying a bit of persistence and patience, you can easily connect your chosen domain name with Gmail. The first thing needed to begin is creating a domain name. It needs to be created using a web hosting provider that supports email forwarding.

You also need to create your personal Gmail account. Next, you will need to allow email forwarding (as allowed by your web hosting provider) and go to Gmail to connect the domain name by changing the settings and adding this email address.

In a nutshell, the steps include:

  • Create your Gmail account.
  • Create a domain name using a web hosting provider allowing mail forwarding.
  • Start mail forwarding from this account.
  • Update the Gmail settings in Gmail and add the new mail Id

The process can be followed by anyone who has created a domain name and is technically sound. People who prefer a custom email address and want to enjoy a high-quality email service for free always opt for Gmail services.

The advantages of using Gmail for your free business accounts

  • The service is totally free for your business email.
  • You can access the business email using Gmail.
  • Gmail provides a lot of collaboration and productivity tools.

The few disadvantages associated with using the free Gmail accounts can be

  • The process involves you connecting the domain manually, which can be a challenging task if you are not technically sound.
  • It may not be of use if you need an email address for the entire staff.

A few other options to get a free Gmail business account are:

  1. Get it through Bluehost:

    It is one of the most widely used web hosting service providers that provide free business email and various web hosting plans. It is super simple to get a business email Id for free using Bluehost, which can be later connected to Gmail.
    Steps to get your free Email Id using Bluehost:

    • Visit the Bluehost webpage and buy a suitable web hosting plan.
    • Pick your domain name.
    • Go to the Email Manager to generate your business email address.
    • Connect this email Id to Gmail.
  2. Google Workplace

    Google also has this platform named Google workspace that works the best for business people who already have a domain name and require different collaboration and productivity tools for business. For example, it helps use spreadsheets and word processing software in addition to the regular business email.

    Steps to get a free business email address:

    • You must have a domain name.
    • Visit the Google Workspace to buy a plan.
    • Start the admin console present on the Workspace homepage.
    • You must verify the domain name.
    • Then, generate the business email address.

    Many other service providers like ZOHO mail, Outlook, Squarespace, etc., also help you get free Gmail accounts for business.


A business email Id enhances the communication and interaction between the clients and employees. It is the face of the organization while interacting with prospective clients. Getting a free Gmail business address can help boost the initial marketing plans and help reflect the brand’s presence in the market. You may go in for free Email accounts using any of the services mentioned above providers and enjoy success.