Brands that buy Gmail accounts or buy yahoo accounts promote themselves better. But, not all would want to purchase. So, here’s how to create a free business email account in less than ten minutes. Best of all, one isn’t buying a domain and spending dollars. First, let’s see what a business email address is.

What is a Business Email Address?

A business or professional email address will have the name of your company. So, instead of the generic Gmail or Yahoo accounts, you’ll have, for instance,

Many people who begin an online business start with generic and free business accounts. These are without a domain name. However, it does not look professional. For example, is commonplace. Also, the chances of receivers trusting your brand are less.

Also, since everyone can create these generic Yahoo or Gmail accounts, it’s hard to trust them. Other businesses can also find it challenging to have faith in these addresses. So, appearing legitimate is vital to conduct a successful business.

Creating a free email address

Getting a free business email account is easy. One can buy the Web Hosting plan of BlueHost, GoDaddy, etc. First of all, create an account on any of these sites. Select a plan. For instance, at BlueHost, the base plan includes a free business account.

Bluehost free email accounts

The website offers it for less than three dollars a month. After setting up an account, log into the cPanel account. Again ensure that the Bluehost account is logged in. Next, move to the Control Panel folder. Then, click on Login and enter the password and username.

Finally, find the Mail option and click on Email Accounts. It will load the Bluehost email management tool. Then, enter the password and email. One can even set up a mail quota. The default here is 250 Mb and can be left at that.

To finish setting up an email address, tap on “Create Account.” Make sure to choose a professional business name. Further, it should be easy to remember. is an instance.

Accessing your free email account

People access their email accounts in Bluehost by visiting The next step is to enter the password and email details. After that, click Login and move to the inbox. Another option Bluehost offers is to login into the cPanel. Then, click on Hosting and click View Inbox by scrolling through Email.

Buy Gmail accounts

Apart from the free email accounts of Gmail, (or even buy hotmail accounts) one can also set up a custom business email. However, purchasing G-suite or another hosting provider is vital. Buy Gmail accounts that let users manage their business accounts.

Why have a Professional Email Address for Your Business?

Here are a few reasons your business must have a professional email address. Firstly, if you have a custom email address for your brand, it looks more professional. Then, it is easy to remember and short.

A business email address that appears professional will help you earn customers’ trust. Moreover, your brand looks legitimate. So, if you send emails to users with your business name, it will also promote your company.

How Does a Business Account Help?

Projects professionalism

If an email address matches the brand name, it shows professionalism and seriousness. Also, the customers will take the company emails and promotions seriously.

These are most likely to trust and choose to carry out a business with a professional email id. So, receivers become buyers. One way is to buy Hotmail accounts. Another is to go for web hosting.

Be consistent

Creating group or individual email addresses with a domain maintains consistency. So, every email sent from one side has a standard format and appears professional.

Keep away from getting spammed

When customers recognize a business by its name, they won’t spam it. But, if someone uses a generic email address, it won’t receive the deserved recognition. So, such emails get spammed easily. One can buy Yahoo accounts to make business easier.


Businesses that own email accounts turn successfully easily. Today, it has become simple to create business email accounts. So, to start an enterprise, one can even get free business emails. There isn’t a need to buy specific domain names because they’re pretty expensive.

But, for that, web hosting is required. Many email service providers offer affordable plans. One can also buy Hotmail accounts or use the services of Bluehost or Zoho. A business email address looks professional, keeps accounts from getting spammed, and maintains consistency.