Whether you’re a customer or an owner of a small business, we cannot deny the importance of Google reviews, whether you are trying a new clothing brand or new food or looking for activities to do online or even online shopping. There’s one thing common in every customer: they scroll to the end to find some reviews. New customers undoubtedly trust reviews. Having a positive review helps in boosting the credibility of the product. Not only this, reviews play a crucial role further to get new clients, and if you haven’t paid much attention to reviews, maybe it’s time now you can start by knowing a variety of things about Google reviews.

Why are Google reviews so Important for businesses?

Whether you have tried a new meal or had a fun experience at a place, you can quickly leave a review on Google. Google reviews do not need much self-explanation. Google reviews are an essential feature that you can access with Google My Business, and there are a variety of reasons why Google reviews are so crucial in today’s digital world. Below we have mentioned a few of the ways how Google review helps businesses in the local market.

  • Google reviews are the best way To improve credibility and trust.
  • Google Reviews are the best way to Build Online exposure.
  • Google reviews influence the buyer’s decision.

Why are Google reviews so Important for businesses

  1. Online reviews are among one the most trusted sources by customers

    Google reviews play an essential role in improving your credibility. The customer authorizes Google reviews when they are entirely authentic and answer most of their questions. Compared to many review sites, Google is among the most credible sites, and people trust google; having a positive google review helps boost credibility, and you do not need much marketing strategy. You can ask your customers to leave a review on their experience with the staff and the overall service offered by the place.

  2. Google Reviews are the best way to Build Online exposure

    When it comes to understanding Google’s algorithm, it’s pretty complicated, and Google Reviews are one of the essential parameters that help Google to give the best results. We often must have noticed when we search for something, and Google reviews are also visible about the place or business. Google reviews help in boosting your business’s local ranking. By local order, we mean Google reviews help people to locate your business in a nearby locality. This way, more and more people know about your business, and even you get a Listing on Google Maps highlighting your business.

  3. Google reviews influence the buyer’s decision

    Google Reviews hold power to influence a customer’s buying decision. They push people to buy the products when they are still considering whether they should buy them. Google reviews act as a confirmation for people when they are agitated or confused about whether or not they should buy the product. Customers feel validated that they are making the right decision when they are reading reviews.

    In this case, a good review plays a crucial role and helps in the decision-making process. The opposite is also true when it comes to negative reviews. The opposite also holds the truth. A single bad review can also affect the individual buying decision and make you not even want to use or buy from your business.

How to Write Google Reviews: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Write Google Reviews: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you wondering how you can leave a Google review for the services you have just tried? Did you just check out of a hotel? Or did you have the best meal of your day? Or was the staff really helpful? If you want to share this with the world, Google gives you a chance to write a Google review. It is fairly simple, and with this guide, we will help you through the entire process of how you can write a review on Google.

There are two ways or methods on how you can leave a review on Google; one is by using your desktop, and the other by phone. We shall discuss both steps in detail to guide you throughout the process.

Using a Desktop to leave a Google review:

Step 1: Log Into your account

Google reviews for business

The first step of writing a Google review is that you will need to log in to your Google account. You can choose any one of your accounts. To log in, you can use the Google search page or website. Click on the sign-in to easily see enter your Email ID and Password. With Google’s new Policy and as a part of two-step Verification, you might get a Verification code on your registered phone number to know that you are signing in using another device. Enter the OTP, and you are good to go.

Log in:- Sign In > UserName & Password > Verify.

It is important to have a Google account as you will be asked to sign in to leave a review, and in case you do not have a Google account, you will need to create one.

Step 2: Look For a Business or Place you want to write a review for:

How do you write a Google review example

Google gives you a wide range of options. You can write reviews for any establishment, and this is also true for government services and private businesses. You can now write reviews if you want to write a review about the best attraction, a restaurant, a bookstore, a local shop, a bank, or anything. While doing so, you will have to search for the business using Google maps or search for the business name on Google search, and you can leave a review.

Step 3: Read The reviews:

How to write a Google Review

One of the advantages of reading the exciting review is that you get to know whether people have the same exposure or experience of the same place as you.

Step 5: Give the place or location a rating using a star

Google ratings and reviews

You are now supposed to give the place the desired star. If you like the location and your overall experience of the place was good, you could give it a five star. The rating of stars describes your experience of the place. One star indicates you did not like the place or were unsatisfied, and the star gradually increases.

Five Stars indicate you have loved the place. Google, in the end, will show this as an average of all the star reviews the business has received, and the average star will appear.

Step 6: Write the review

How do I give feedback on Google reviews?

There is a writing section that allows you to describe your experience, and you can use this portion to critique news and express your thoughts and that you care about the things you like or the like. If you’re thinking about the word limit, you can write up to 4000 Characters, up to 500 words. You can be as descriptive as you want, and if you don’t feel like writing much, you can just finish the review in a few sentences.

Step 7: Publish your review:

Write a google review for a company

Once you have written your review below, you have the option available to publish the review. You can do this below the dialogue box, and an option will be available to publish your review.

How to write reviews using a Smartphone?

It’s not necessary that you must have a desktop to write your reviews. You can even use your smartphone to leave a review on a business, a monument, or any other service you avail. Here’s how you write a review using your phone.

How to write reviews using a Smartphone

Launching the Google Website:

Your phone must have a legitimate email id logged in. You must use your email ID and password to log in if you haven’t signed in. You can use Google chrome if you have android or Safari> Google chrome> Where you will have to sign in first. After signing in, you can use the google search option for places you want to leave a review.

Search for the place you are looking for:

How to write reviews

If you have the restaurant’s name or any other establishment, you can use Google. There are various options available, and you can even use Google maps to locate the place and write a review.

Select “Write Reviews” from the drop-down menu at the bottom:

How to leave a review on Google

There are many ways to illustrate this review-writing choice. Selecting this option will direct you to a new review form where you can submit a review. A dialogue box with the opportunity to write a recent review will be present next to the star rating. Finding the link is simple.

Rate the town or location using a star system:

The chosen star must now be assigned to the desired place. If you like the location and have a good overall experience, you can give a place five stars. How you feel about a place can be inferred from the number of stars you gave it. A single star climbs with time, indicating that you were unimpressed or did not enjoy the site.

Compose the Review:

How do I write a review on someone's page

You can write about your experience using a writing option. You can simply summarize the Review in a few sentences and use as much detail as you’d like if you don’t feel like writing much. If you’re worried about word count, you have a total of 500 words to start with.

Post your Review online:

How to write a google review on iphone

You have the option to post your Review after you’ve finished writing it below. This is possible because a publish review option will be available below the dialogue box.

In just these few ways are able to write a google review on any establishment and business. It is important that you use your freedom of speech wisely; hence, you must be very careful about the words you choose. Writing personal experiences rather than stating facts in the review section will not be beneficial. Hence, it becomes important to know how to write a good review.

How can one Write a great Google Review?

Writing great reviews is easy and also very helpful. A great review can be published, and it helps many people discover the best place in a locality and gives them a whole experience. Reviews can be taken as small trailers for the establishment. We, as among the many online shoppers, know and understand how these reviews can be beneficial. There are many pros to why writing a good review is important.

  • A good review acts as customer feedback, helps businesses carry on their survey, and brings new improvements
  • Even if it expresses disappointment, a good review can guide the business and show a specific area where they should put more work in.
  • A good review makes your Review popular and also visible.

How can one Write a great Google Review

Here, we have listed some tips to help you write good reviews on Google Reviews.

Be more factual

It’s easy to get carried away while writing, so the first tip in writing a good Google Review is that you must be very insightful and write only about the place you have visited.
You can share your personal experience and also give certain highlights or recommendations you would give to people who want to visit the place.

Another important thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to write about your own experience. Being authentic and accurate about your experience is very important for other readers, whether good or bad.

If you are writing a review about the restaurant, a crucial parameter here is to mention how easily you could find the location, how the ambiance was, did you enjoy the food, what part of the restaurant was more appealing to you, and how was your overall experience. Mention the quality of service you have received and how long you have to wait. These are the kinds of things that will help you be more factual and accurate.

Be Commutative

It is straightforward to write positive feedback for a place or establishment, but it becomes much more complicated when it comes to writing Negative feedback. People who wish to report negative feeds often tend to express their frustration with words, and though your Review may not be the most viewed, it impacts a business. It is essential to be respectful and wise about the words you choose to express your frustrations and even words of appreciation.

Write with style

One must use proper grammar and be sure to check for spelling. You do not have to use fancy words. Avoid writing big paragraphs or having a specific breakdown of the things you want to write. The whole purpose of writing with style is to create a sense of clarity for the reader and help the reader to understand what you have written.

Avoid personal information

While Writing a review that will be visible to the rest of the world, care must be taken. One must not publish personal data. The Review does not include phone numbers, emails, or Business URLs. It is also suggested that you must not write reviews for a place you are working as an employee. It is also recommended that you avoid mentioning any staff name in your Review as this can be problematic, and if the Review is terrible, the staff member might be fired.

Neglect giving General Reviews

Certain Establishments are subjected to the significant public interest and can heat or start up a controversy of their own due to current news. It is best to avoid the local reviews and write your own authentic experience.

Can Details and Photos be added while writing a review?

Everyone’s experience is different, and every platform where you write reviews has its own guidelines. One of the good things about writing a Review is that you can be as detailed as you want and it is one advantage that instead of giving general thought you can be very descriptive about your experience.

You can now also add photos as a part of the Review when you feel it’s necessary, and this can be best when you’re expressing your disappointment or the issue you want to address. A picture and the text will work together for people to understand the situation better and help the establishment owner look into the details and help them improve.

How to add photos to your reviews?

How to add photos to your reviews

  • Open Google maps or search the business online on Google search.
  • Once you have searched the establishment, select write reviews and give a rating.
  • Once you have given the desired star, one star being you did not like it at all and five indicating you have thoroughly enjoyed your time.
  • Below the stars, space is allotted to write your Review.
  • Below this space, there will be a camera option available. By selecting that option, you will have options for uploading photos.
  • Select the desired pictures and click on the Post option.

And Voila, in a few simple steps, you can add photos to your Review.


Google reviews are one of the most trusted sources where people can comfortably express their thoughts and views. Considerations are essential, and it helps businesses and customers both. As a new customer, you are always curious about the service you will get, but is it worth spending so much? A Good review helps in solving all those questions.

There are many advantages regarding how your Google review helps a business. It enables the company or establishment to improve and work hard. It also allows customers and clients to get small snippets about the business and set expectations.

Furthermore, it’s very easy to write a Google review. Everyone has a device on which you can log into their Google account and leave a review. You can use your phone or desktop, and through this guide, we have mentioned the step by step process of writing a study using a phone or desktop.

Reviews are expressed in terms of stars, and you also can be descriptive about your experience. You have a word limit of 500 words. One must be wise while choosing the right words for expressing their thoughts and experience. There are specific guidelines you should follow, which Google lays down. One must abide by the Review guideline posted by Google.

In this guide, we have mentioned some tips that will help you write some good reviews, and we have also mentioned how you can add photos to Google reviews.


Which device can I use to write Google reviews?
You can use any device, whether it uses Android or iPhone, Windows or MacBook. Any device with internet access that allows you to log in to your Google account works best.

How long can a review be written?
Google Reviews allow you to write a review with a maximum word count of 500. You do not always have to write 500 words. A good study needs to be precise and accurate.

Is it necessary to have a Google Account to write a review?
Yes, having a Google Account to write a review is very important. You can use any software, such as safari or Chrome, to log into your Google account.

Can you add photos to your Review?
Yes, you can add photos to your Review on Google Reviews.