Social media marketing

Social media can be very effective for marketing, and all the different social media platforms have their own advantages. You can look at all of them to understand which one is the best for you. For example, Facebook has approximately over one billion active users, which can give you great exposure. Twitter is very good for word-of-mouth promotion as a good post can gain momentum very fast.

Instagram is known for being visual, and you can get access to many different stories and reels and look at how a product is. Linkedin is great for networking and looking at other businesses. Youtube has the most conversion rates of all these websites because many people watch a video about a brand, and later they end up purchasing the product.

Email marketing

Social media tries to target everyone in general and hope for the best results. Email marketing can be a lot more personal. You get emails from people who are interested or might be interested in your products, and you make the emails more tailored for certain types of customers. You can send out these emails and check if they actually work to know if you are on the right track.

The emails will always be in the customers’ inbox so they can always get back to it and see if there is something that they want to know. Emails are very cost-effective as well. You can send a lot of emails to many people, and you could do this in a very cost-effective way. Other advertisements can be more expensive, but this is a cheap way to market and target your products.

The best thing that you could do is find a way to combine social media and email marketing to work best for you so that you can get the best advantages of both. You might have many followers on a social media website, but you lose your account, then you have just lost everything, and you would have to start over. You need to have email addresses. There are different ways that you could use to get that. You send the people informative newsletters.

You can also work to get your social media audiences to subscribers in the email list. Since most of your social media already trusts and likes you, they will subscribe to the email list, and then you just have to make sure that you convert those emails into sales. You would still have to show them that there is value if they subscribe to them. Otherwise, they will not do it.

Tips that You Could Use to Build Up Your Email List by Using Your Social Media

First, add links –

You can add links to your website that describe your product and the benefit you get when you give your email id. You can give discounts etc. as well on your email, and this can lead more people to give their email id to you as they would want to get the benefit of your emails.

Add forms in facebook –

Many people might end up seeing forms that you put up on Facebook. People can use these forms, and you will get their emails. This can be very useful to increase your subscribers. The best part about these forms is that people can still be on Facebook and see everything that they want to see. They do not have to go somewhere else.

Make a good landing page for all the promotions –

Once you find the best way to get many people to click on your links, it is very important that you have a good and attractive landing page. You can post this landing page on all your social media accounts. Making this page can be tricky, but it is much more important that you make a good offer than can lead everyone to be excited.

Launch an ad campaign –

You would have to pay for an ad campaign but it can be a good option if you are serious about growth. Ads on social media could be very effective. If you have products that appeal to audiences who use these social media websites, you will see a big difference in how you make your money.

Host Facebook or Instagram live –

You can speak to your audience and tell them about your product. People would like to see you and hear from you directly. In the end, you can always give a free pdf related to your product that people might be interested in and ask everyone to give their email id to receive that. In this way, you will get what you want, and the people giving you their email will get their pdf as well. It becomes a good situation for everyone.

Host a contest on social media –

A popular thing you can try out is giving a giveaway. Many people will sign up and give their email ids in hopes of winning the giveaway, and you can give the product to the person you choose, and you can also get their emails. You could also ask them to post your content as part of the giveaway, and by doing this, you will get exposed to many more people.


Both social media and email marketing are very effective. It is still better if you use both of them and try and get the advantages of both. Your competition is definitely doing that, and if you want to get ahead of them, then you might have to use these tools as well because they are very effective, and they can give you an edge to succeed in your goals.