Email accounts have made our life easier, there are many places where you would not want to add your number or contact details, in places like these Email accounts make any sign ups easier. This is more helpful for the ones who own their business. You might have already planned the name for your domain, let’s call it XYZ. When you have an Email account for your business you will get a choice to choose this name like, but these names are just basics and it might also seem that it’s a personal account rather than that of a business. You might have seen names like hr @, this makes it look more professional.

Why Does One Need a Professional Account?

When you go on chrome and search buy, you will find many options like buy yahoo accounts or buy Hotmail accounts. So, this may not be a surprise that one can also buy email accounts too but you have to take care that it is verified. As mentioned earlier it is important that the name of the email account is more professional and does not look like it is someone’s personal account. So, when you are looking to buy Gmail accounts then one thing you need to note does is not to buy any email address that seems unprofessional.

The other thing that you need to know is that if you have already decided to buy an email account, do not fall for the free accounts, no matter how good the deal sounds, it would always pose a threat to the security of your account. Free emails could cause risk to your business and you might know how important the mail id is and the information that it carries. Regional censors can also be involved in these situations

Don’t lose your custom name.
You might be worried if you could still use your domain name as your email id if you are buying the email off the market. As mentioned earlier buying regular email accounts like XYZ@ would not be a good idea for the business. But luckily Gmail gives you a chance or services known as the G suite which can help you host the business email.

Why Should You Migrate Your Business to the G Suite?

When you plan to buy or purchase the verified Gmail account from bulkye you will have the rights to own all the email accounts that are in the company. For instance, if your companies name is bulkye and you are planning to buy at least 60 email accounts for your team members or employees then if the email account starts like those mail accounts would be yours.

Obviously, you cannot allow your employees to use their free email accounts for your business so that it might enhance the communication with your business clients. Apart from this you might always have the choice to reclaim the mail account if any of your employees leave.

Other than this, if you are a premium member then you can get a lot of benefits that way, for starters you will be able to protect your company’s emails against any malware attacks. Along with this you can also select any action that you need to take whenever the cyber-attack is detected. One can also enable the two-step authentication for the emails without any doubt. This helps you have a better cybersecurity for the companies’ data that has been shared through email conversations.

File storage increases

Gmail had been launched in the year 2004 and it gained so much importance as it had something different to offer from the applications that people were using earlier. This was the first time that threaded messages was being used and also one could get an extra storage. Now, when you are a premium member, you can get an additional amount of 30 GB per user. This is because obviously if one runs a business then extra space is needed for business.

Multiple email aliases

When you purchase a verified account from bulkye then that gives the company permission to create multiple email aliases for the different employees and work members. For example, if your business name is XYZ then you can use hr@ XYZ or manager@ XYZ or any other names related to that. This will help you to divide the emails easily and you can easily distribute it to your employees according to their posts.

The bottom line

Communication through emails has now become very important and is become a basic need for everyone. If you are looking to buy email accounts then investing in a verified account will not only help you to get more accounts but this will also ensure safety. This way you will also spend only the amount that it is worth and would be saved by any fraud. One will also be ensured with good value for the money spent.