When you start a business and acquire a domain name, your web host gives you the choice of creating an email address. Unfortunately, such emails have unappealing interfaces, which makes managing and keeping them difficult. The most well-known web hosting companies do not invest in email client services. Instead, they focus on hosting plans rather than providing better email services to their customers.

As a result, many businesses and organizations employ reputable email services like Gmail to meet their commercial or organizational goals.

Why do you need a professional email address?

A professional email address is an email that has ones’ business name, for example, info@AbcBusiness.com.
On the other hand, free email accounts, such as AbcBusiness@gmail.com, are surprisingly unsuitable for businesses and cannot be classified as professional emails. Furthermore, when regional censors are involved, free emails constitute a security risk to the business.

Types of Gmail account you can buy

New Gmail Accounts

These are newly formed accounts that have been phone verified. Also, you can change the password and have recovery information after buying new Gmail accounts.

Old Gmail Accounts

You can also buy old Gmail accounts, particularly if you have a few well-established enterprises. This will aid in the growth of your business and provide you with benefits similar to buying new Gmail accounts. You don’t have to be worried about security because these old Gmail accounts are highly trustworthy, and there are extremely low chances of accounts being blocked.

Why Should You Buy Gmail Accounts?

  1. You can send mails in bulk

    The clearest benefit of buying Gmail accounts is that you can send many emails to your current and potential clients. It’s because the number of emails you can send each day with a single Google account is limited, with 2000 emails per day.

    However, medium and large businesses typically need to send hundreds of promotional emails per day for a single product. Buying Gmail accounts will help you market your business with hundreds of manually established accounts. This way, you can send thousands of promotional emails to your existing and potential clients without worrying about the daily limit.

  2. You can generate reviews

    Google My Business (GMB) is becoming more important in driving new customers to your company. Not only can you use the accounts to send emails, but you can also use them to rate your company. This rating is important because if the GMB reviews are relevant, you will appear at the top of the search results.

    Remember that a single Gmail account can only give a single GMB review and rating to your company. Therefore, you can generate positive reviews for your company with multiple accounts.

  3. These accounts can help you dominate the market

    In the present times, a company’s financial success is largely determined by its internet presence. Therefore, you’ll need many Gmail accounts to create the perfect image according to your expectations. A single computer and mobile number can be used to create a maximum of five confirmed Gmail accounts. However, this is not a viable option for a firm seeking to dominate internet platforms. Instead, you can buy as many Gmail accounts as you need from a vendor to strengthen your online presence.

  4. All the accounts will belong to your company

    When you buy verified Gmail accounts, you’ll have complete ownership of the company’s email accounts. So, for example, if your firm, ABC Business, decides to acquire a suite of 60 email accounts for 60 employees, the email will belong to your company as long as it ends in @AbcBusiness.com.

    In such instances, your employees won’t have to create free business emails. This allows for a more seamless client connection. You can also reclaim and reuse the email address if a team member leaves.

  5. Protect yourself against phishing and malware attacks

    According to Google, if you have a premium Gmail account, you can secure your work emails from phishing and other virus threats. You can also choose the appropriate course of action based on the severity of the cyber-attack detected.

    You’ll also be able to set up two-factor authentication for your work emails without difficulty. This procedure will improve the security of your company’s data, as well as its access during email exchanges.

  6. Increase the file storage available in email accounts

    Although the standard Gmail plan includes 30GB of storage per user, upgrading to a premium package might provide you with extra capacity for your email accounts. This is because some of your company’s users are likely to consume more storage than the 30GB allotted.

The Bottom Line

In any business, email communication is a must. Therefore, a corporation must purchase and use verified Gmail Accounts in order to boost productivity. Additionally, purchasing verified Gmail accounts allows you to create many Gmail accounts for your staff. However, make sure you don’t waste money on services that aren’t worth it and always buy verified Gmail accounts from reputable sources.