Email is the fastest way of establishing communication with people with just a click of your finger. Launched in the year 1996, MSN Hotmail
Hotmail is one of the most prominent electronic mail service providers with millions of users across the globe. Buy Hotmail accounts, without a second thought to climb the ladder of success in no time.

Designed by Sabeer Bhatia, and Jack Smith was one of the first online communication channels developed in the world. It was then acquired by Microsoft in 1997. Year 2005 witnessed Hotmail users rose to more than 200 million throughout the world. At the moment there are about 350 million users of MSN Hotmail and the number is increasingly growing day by day.

For quite a while now hotmail has found itself at quite a disadvantageous position against Gmail, with Microsoft trying their best to convince potential users regarding the advantages of hotmail. Numerous gmail users still find it quite tough to believe that hotmail still has some benefits over gmail.

The term Hotmail amalgamation of HTML (basic encoding language) and mail. It is also one of the most secure email services like Gmail. Its Smartscreen- the inbuilt spam filter screens unwanted content and malware efficiently and many other features help you do away with useless emails.

Hotmail’s single-code sign-in feature protects you against hacking and cyber crime, especially if you are logged in on a public device. You get this code on your cell phone, and it is used as a single time password. The code gets changed as soon as you log off. This is the safest way of accessing your Hotmail account on a public computer.

There are several other benefits of MSN Hotmail. You do not need to install MSN messenger separately these days as it is inbuilt in your Hotmail account. Social networking websites link , Live Spaces, Live Calendar and many more are added to give you a fulfilling experience. Hotmail accounts are available in 30 languages with huge storage and SkyDrive- a newly added feature are all that you get when you buy Hotmail accounts.

Following are some more advantages of choosing hotmail over Gmail, and why Gmail might not be as good of a service as you might have believed it to be.

Personal Folders

Hotmail groups your emails by their types so that you are able to look up similar emails up quickly when you might need to.

Avail Microsoft Office Support

Similar to Gmail, you are able to open as well as edit office documents in hotmail while providing even more file compatibility options and direct support to Microsoft Office. You can also view word documents in skydrive. In addition, this document can be downloaded, edited, and uploaded again on the cloud to be sent again through hotmail in its original format, without having to re-format it.

Connect to Facebook Chat

While Google has a closed circle in terms of social platform connectivity, allowing only for Google+. Outlook allows you to connect with your friends on your Facebook friends list, with this you are able to socialize with your friends while staying in one tab and eliminates the hassle of switching between tabs.

Connect with other Social platforms

Hotmail allows you to manage your contacts from your other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you also receive an email notification for social events and birthdays so that you don’t have to remember everything or even save them one by one to your personal calendar.

Fewer Ads

No one likes random pop up advertisements on your screen. Hotmail won’t show half as many advertisements as gmail does, and statistically speaking, you will see a 60% reduction from moving to hotmail. This alone is a sufficient reason for many to make the switch.

Exchange ActiveSync Support

The Exchange ActiveSync program is designed for the sole purpose of assisting corporate users to be able to easily sync their mail, contacts, as well as calendar. Outlook provides Exchange ActiveSync support for free. While Gmail on the other hand tries to motivate its users to switch to premium Google Apps service. It is important to note that Microsoft Exchange isn’t entirely free of cost.


After reading all the before mentioned advantages that come with Hotmail over Gmail, you should be able to choose the mailing service wisely and according to your requirements. Go with the service that appeals the most to you.