Due to the growth of mobile tech, customers play a significant role in the failure of a business or the success of a business. And this is why companies and businesses must have a proactive approach towards handling their image and reputation in the outer world. It is probably the best way to handle online reviews. Some people tend to buy yahoo accounts for reviews or even buy Gmail accounts for positive reviews, which often has a positive effect.

The role of Reviews

Back in the day, when the reviews were not essential and trustable, people had faith in the word-of-mouth references. However, unlike those days, people like to believe in online reviews before determining if they want to invest in their products or services.

Research constantly showcases that almost 80% of the customers research the services or products before investing in them. And 75% trust the online reviews just like any family or friend’s opinion.

The positive and negative reviews have their impacts. But according to surveys, negative ones seem to impact people more.

  1. Drive away, the clients

    In many situations, clients have various preferences regarding the service or product they want to invest in. they will not prefer to invest their precious money into service or products which their previous customer has not liked.

    According to the stats, almost 2 out of 10 customers do not purchase the product or service with one negative review. So, if there are three negative reviews, almost 60% of the customers will get driven away from you. If there are more than four reviews, almost 70% of your customers will be driven away.

    So, keep in mind that these stats do not take responsibility for the word-of-mouth references after reading a negative review. So, in reality, these statistics might underestimate the real sabotage.

  2. Loss in profit

    This one is a no-brainer; fewer customers will get less money. In research, it was found out that businesses with fewer ratings earned almost 30% less than regular businesses.

  3. Loss of reputation

    If you own a business, the most hurtful thing is losing reputation more than customers and money. Reputation cannot be bought by money, which is earned very hard. Bad reviews result in possible customers not trusting you with the quality.

    According to a survey, 50% of them will question the quality after several negative reviews.

  4. Search engine rankings start to decrease

    If we talk about Google, the company has a strict policy regarding the reviews and quality of the customers. The cumulative effect of several negative reviews and ratings is that they do not put you up in the business listings.

    But, Google has mentioned that just one or two negative reviews are not important enough for affecting your listing.

  5. Less possibility of getting new customers

    Not everybody is comfortable and confident enough to take the risk of starting a new business. But, these are not the only traits that must be in an individual to sustain into that business.

    Entrepreneurs cannot take the risk of ignoring the significant effect of the technology or any other flourishing trend. If you have ignored its effects, make sure you are prepared to watch them fall off your establishment. And even if it has not faced the fall down then, it might never be able to use its full potential.

After looking at the effects of negative reviews, you must be wondering how to deal with them so that it doesn’t impact your business. So let’s read about it.

Dealing With Negative Reviews

After learning how badly negative reviews can affect your understanding of the possible damage, make sure that you know how to deal with them as well.

  1. Know their location

    It is essential to know these reviews’ locations and posts. Therefore, the central locations on which the reviews are posted are mentioned below.

    • Better business bureau’s website
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Foursquare

    Make sure that you remember any leading platform websites of the industry related to your business where your customers might leave any of the reviews. Then, ensure that you visit such websites pretty often to look for your business’s reviews.

  2. Make sure that you reply to them

    This is a pretty important one; make sure you provide an affirmative and positive reply. You can also buy yahoo accounts for reviews and post positive ones in response. Try to turn the negative into positive. And make sure you try to correct a mistake if there is any from your side because that is the only way to get back potential customers by responding to negative reviews, which can provide you some other benefits.

    According to some surveys, out of 10 people, almost three people would prefer investing their money and time in the business, which responds to negative reviews.

  3. Make sure you are not posting phony reviews

    As tempting as it looks, it is not recommended to post fake reviews as they can be tracked easily by some intelligent customers. And other than that, it is punishable as it violates its terms of service.

    More than looking for positives, customers tend to look for negative reviews. So, if they see all of the reviews are positive, they might find it fishy and suspicious.


In the end, it is pretty safe to say that negative reviews can hurt your business pretty severely. But, they cannot be considered as the end of your business. You should know how to deal with them. Other than that, you can also think of it as an opportunity to learn about technical know-how. In other words, negative reviews can be considered an opportunity to improve your business.