Have you bought anything online and felt that it was a complete waste of money? And is it possible to buy Amazon review? How can we believe that the product is good. I bet there would be thousands of people who have asked these questions to themselves and at least once in their life have done the same and regretted the decision of buying something online.

In today’s world we are all investing in things online because that is easier and feasible. Who doesn’t like opening new packages and waiting for them to arrive. The excitement after every package arrives I’d great but as soon as the thing is not what you expected that’s when your heart breaks. This is also the time when you decide that you will never buy things online and go for the shops instead.

Problems that can be faced while buying things from Amazon

People love to shop online and it has become convenient too. The offers that they provide just attract the consumers and they feel bonded to buy it. The companies have also started giving cashbacks or discounts which lures more population towards the products. In 2017, 108 million people had indulged in online shopping but as shown in the facts not many were happy with their purchase. There are many challenges that online shoppers face, here we will discuss about the major drawbacks of shopping online.

Quality issues

When we visit a shop we are able to look at the product and not only the picture. So, this helps us to know whether the quality of the product is good or not and whether the money we are investing in it worth or not. The shopkeeper also gives you a guarantee for the products but the online products do not come along with the quality guarantee.

This is also because e-commerce applications like Amazon is not a brand, it’s just like a website which supports other sellers and its function is only to play as an aggregator between you two. This ends up in fraudulent , also on some products you do not have the option of returning it making you feel bad about purchasing online.

Delivery issues

Another common problem that people face while shopping online is the delivery of the product. In most places you can track your order and know the exact location of your order. And sometimes the area that you live in isn’t a place where they would deliver so you are stuck with no choice.

Safety issues

E-commerce apps like Amazon have been established from a long time and everyone has faith in it. The cyber crimes are increasing day by day and it has become easy to steal money from the customers. We never know when our details could be misused by someone. We need to take of these things ourselves and take steps according to the needs and demands of that situation.

Hidden costs

Another reason of people not being sure about online shopping now a days is the extra costs that add up with our order. These issues have been raised many times and many are tracking back to where they shopped earlier. Extra taxes and delivery charges are added to our products making it costlier than it was. Imagine buying a shampoo online and the original cost is just little but when the tax and other charges are included it feels better to shop offline as it is easier and a much cheaper choice.

Why are Reviews Needed?

Have you ever felt that every product should either come with pros or cons written on it. We always love to invest in something that can be used for a longer time and the quality is worth putting the money in. Because e-commerce apps are just a medium between sellers no one is sure whether the product is branded or not.

Amazon reviews are important because these reviews are generally given by people who have bought the product and their experience of what they thought they would get and what they actually received. This way we know whether the product is similar to what it is shown..

Another reason of reviews is that the picture that the customers upload is from their mobile phones which gives us an insight to the actual product. The pictures that are uploaded are clicked from cameras and by professionals which makes it look slightly different from what it actually is also the colour also varies from what it is shown in the picture. Be it small difference but there surely is something.

The bottom line

Reviews are important as it gives us the insight of the product and one can also see the original picture of the product. Be it bad or good the reviews stay there and the company does not delete it, this helps the customers to decide whether to buy it or not.