Let’s start with the basics first, what is an email id and how should we create one for yourself?

An Email Id is rather important for everyone nowadays as all login or sign ups can be easily done with its help. Every work is easily done when one has an email account. It is more professional and is used by people for business related things or something closer to that. There might only be a few people who would use it as a way of having threaded conversations just like WhatsApp or other such applications. An email address consists of a symbol which is @ and also a domain name, it can also be an IP address.

Why is an Email Account Necessary?

Before introducing the importance of multiple accounts, we would start about how having an Email account can make things easy for you. The creation of this process was made in the year 2004, at that moment everybody seemed to find it interesting as this was a bit modern and it was a step ahead from the applications that people were already using like Hotmail and Yahoo. The concept of threaded conversations paved its way through popularity and people found it easier to start a conversation through this. Apart from this making an email account became quite easy and the security was worth appreciating.

It is easy to use

When one has an Email account it gets easier for them to access that from any where and at any possible time. One does not have to have a particular application to use it, an individual can easily use it directly from the web. Apart from this it is a more professional approach for the ones who have a small business as they can easily work with its help and be in contact with their clients and team without actually having to share their contact details.

It is beneficial in business

One also has the choice of displaying their email account as a business profile. The people who have started their business need to show themselves as professionals. Imagine receiving mail from a person with their personal account with a job proposition. It is not that convincing as with a business account, right? It’s easier when you can choose the purpose of your email account just like you do on Instagram.

You also do not have to worry about your data and its security as this is completely reliable and if you have an organization you can believe in it. Apart from this, the Email account can only be managed by its owner and no other person can have access to it.

Coming back to why does one need to have more than 4 Email accounts then here it is.

If you have an organization there is a possibility that you might need more than one Email account for your firm. You cannot let your employees use their personal accounts to handle business for you. One has to obviously give them an account which belongs to the organizations for their work. If you are following a business then you have to take care that your employees use an Email account that is your company’s, this way you can have access to it.

So, to have an access to the accounts you have to get it verified. One has to invest in a business account. After this they can create more than 50 accounts under the same company and the head can have access to all of them. One cannot work with a single account if they have a business to run. Having business account benefits a lot as your clients or customers get a professional outlook to your business and it is easy for them to believe in you. Running ones business with their personal account does not catch their eyes. If the account is free the customers or even the clients that you might be hiring might feel that it is unprofessional which can pose a threat to your businesses’ growth.

Another benefit of having more accounts is that you can have access to all of them and your employees can use it for office work. You can also keep a check on what it is being used for and select the types of action you might need on that. If you are a member, you also get a two-step verification benefit so that you can take care of who can use it and who cannot. You can have aliases so you can create email accounts for your employees and team members.

Your data remains safe as they provide fully cyber security and you have nothing to worry about in that area. One also has the choice of choosing who can use it, even if one of your employees leaves you can change the details of it. You know that people buy Instagram accounts, right?

In the same way as that you can buy the email accounts too. You just have to sign up for it, the process is quite easy and the step-by-step procedure will help you to create an account for your business. You can also choose to make a personal account but it is always better to divide the accounts according to your needs.


Who likes to receive emails from different applications every day, those mails are necessary but sometimes the work mails get mixed up in it and that is the time when one feels the need of another email account for that sort of work? If you are having the same situation then sign up for another mail id as soon as possible.