It comes as no surprise that the internet has been ruling the world for decades now. Moreover, search engines have also grown in popularity. But, while most of us rely heavily on Google, Yahoo is still shining brighter at its own pace. So, in this article, you’ll see how Yahoo is still relevant for your business and why marketers buy Yahoo accounts to boost their marketing strategies.

Even though Google is the undeniable king of search engines, it is not the only one. When it comes to searching for content on a search engine, Yahoo gives equal competition. Yahoo is well-known for its web directory and other tools like Yahoo mail, online mapping, Yahoo News, Fantasy Sports, a social media website, advertising, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Answers, Video Sharing, and Yahoo Groups.

Once upon a time, Yahoo search engines ruled the world with Email IDs, searches, news, chatrooms, and messengers. Even today, Yahoo search marketing can help you establish your brand online. Still not sure why you should use Yahoo for your marketing needs? Here’s why you should do it.

  1. You get more benefits

    Yahoo entered the market more than two and a half decades ago and is still fighting the competition with its competitor. It’s because, with email, Yahoo offers a variety of other services such as mobile networking, communication services, and cobranding, making it an easily accessible site for its users.

  2. Yahoo ads can be beneficial

    Though we all know that most businesses always use Google to run their ads, that doesn’t mean Yahoo ads don’t hold any importance. You should keep in mind that according to the statistics, 3% of global internet users use Yahoo. That is significant on its own.

    So, if you only use Google ads, you may be missing out on another potential market. Though its prospects are limited in comparison to Google, it still has value.

  3. Importance of Yahoo search marketing

    Yahoo may not be as popular as Google and Bing, but it gives a lot of content that attracts many visitors. Approximately 81 percent of people look for a product or service online. As a result, there is a slight chance that customers, possibly even local customers, will visit your brand on Yahoo and begin to follow for the innovative content you will provide.

    Moreover, you will have fewer competitors on Yahoo. It’s because most brands strive to be at the top of Google search results and focus all of their efforts on that only. As a result, getting your brand to the top of Google’s search engine may be difficult.

    Yahoo, on the other hand, is not in this category. Yahoo’s competition is lower when compared to Google’s. As a result, this can provide you with a competitive advantage above and beyond what you could achieve on Google.

  4. It’s easier to use

    Yahoo is extremely simple to use. It has simple dynamics and design, so you can start your search marketing with Yahoo even if you aren’t a technical person.

    Unlike other search engines with a plethora of plugins, algorithms, and requirements that may appear overwhelming to some, Yahoo is very basic, simple to use and execute.

  5. It drives more traffic to your website

    Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing your website’s ranking in search engines. It is one of the most powerful and cost-effective methods of increasing the accessibility of your website to people who are actively looking for answers to their questions, the items they require, or the services they need.

    You can create awareness about your business and increase your website traffic with Yahoo. The most prominent reason why users buy Yahoo accounts is that it doesn’t let single IP address for bulk accounts. Not just Yahoo, but also the majority of websites, will not provide this feature. But, when you buy yahoo accounts, buy Hotmail accounts, or buy accounts, you can have different IP addresses for such accounts, which improves your visibility.

  6. You get more security

    Yahoo Mail includes Norton Virus Scan that scans your emails and protects your devices from any viruses. This removes the need to install an antivirus program to use an email application on your device.

  7. You won’t have to think about extra storage

    As compared to other platforms, Yahoo provides 1 TB of free storage, which is more than other comparable platforms. Gmail, for instance, gives you 15 GB storage space, whereas Hotmail gives you 500 GB. Therefore, you’ll never run out of storage space if you use Yahoo.

The Bottom Line

Yahoo may not be ruling the search engine world, but it’s still relevant to businesses and marketers who want to reach their potential clients. Furthermore, you can double up all the mentioned benefits when you buy Yahoo accounts from a trusted source. So, if you’ve never used Yahoo for your online marketing, now is the time to do so!